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NeoAniCon 2015 Kickstarter

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Hey guys,


Just thought I'd let everyone know that someone is planning to have another anime convention in Maryland next year (2015).  It's called NeoAniCon (http://www.neoanicon.com/).  And they're having a Kickstarter to help fund for it.  Here's the link.





Here's some of the info from the Kickstarter's site:


This is an educational event to educate parents and others on why anime, manga, comics, videogames and other related items are popular.

Official NeoAniCon 2015 Hotel Reservation Information June 28:

To reserve a room for NeoAniCon 2015, visit this link: http://doubletree.hilton.com/en/dt/groups/personalized/B/BWIBADT-NAC-20150313/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

Official Location and Dates for NeoAniCon June 25th:

Everyone, the official location for NeoAniCon 2015 is the DoubleTree BWI Airport hotel located at 890 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum, Maryland 21090, the official dates are Friday, March 13th, Saturday, March 14th, and Sunday, March 15, 2015. The official room rate for the NeoAniCon room block is $95/night, a official hotel room block reservation link will be coming soon for you to book a hotel room at $95/night. Just a note however, if you reserve a room within the NeoAniCon block, it's required that you put down a deposit payable to the DoubleTree that's equal to one night's stay plus applicable taxes. This is a requirement or your room will not be reserved, we deeply apologize for the possible inconvenience this may cause you, we did make an attempt to get the DoubleTree to not require this deposit to reserve a room but unfortunately the DoubleTree did not budge on this requirement.

Contract officially sent over to Experient June 21st:

The contract has been officially signed by both Mr. Sweeley and his Vice President and has been sent over for Experient to send it over to the site venue for their contact to sign the contract. Once all the necessary information is finalized, the dates, venue and the special hotel room block reservation site for NeoAniCon 2015 will be posted here. Stay tuned.

Great News Everyone!!!! June 20th:

The contract signing stage has begun, Mr. Sweeley has signed the site venue contract and is awaiting the signature of his Vice President then will await the signature of the site venue's contact, once the contract has all three signatures, the dates and venue for NeoAniCon will be officially announced, stay tuned to this space to learn where NeoAniCon 2015 will be held at and when.

The original text, posted June 18th:

NeoAniCon, L.L.C. has been incorporated in the state of Maryland on April 4, 2014 and NeoAniCon the event itself has been in planning since 2003 however final planning stages have been initiated.

The founder of NeoAniCon, Mr. Kun Sun Sweeley has started to gather staff for the event and has a official contract with a site venue under review right now for the event to begin in 2015.

NeoAniCon is expected to be a inexpensive convention to attend however we will offer free memberships to all people who back at the $10.00 level.

Mr. Sweeley has spent a considerable amount of personal money for registering NeoAniCon as a servicemark with the U.S.P.T.O (United States Patent and Trademark Office), registering the http://www.neoanicon.com domain name until 2020 and formally incorporating NeoAniCon, L.L.C. in the state of Maryland.

Mr. Sweeley is hoping to raise enough money via crowdfunding to use directly for paying the required costs of operating a first-time convention.

Mr. Sweeley is currently working with Experient who has drafted a contract with a potential site venue with confirmed dates for 2015 and the contract signing is expected to occur soon.

We don't expect any problems fulfilling this Kickstarter if successfully funded.

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