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Official Photoshoots.


So I hit up some of the official photoshoots, and a lot of them, I wasn't there early for.  I noticed staff at them, and some staff actually seemed to know a thing or two and were helping position the cosplayers and that was awesome.  But from a photog POV they were a pain, I think with them listed on the schedule, it brought out more people, which was cool, but you had a ton of people up front just 'watching' the photoshoot, You also had a lot of people taking up room in the front, not crouching down or anything. To shoot with Cellphones and Point and Shoots.


Now don't get me wrong, shoot with what you have, hell, I've seen guys in the pit at concerts with an iPhone shooting instagram. Also anyone can go out and buy a big slr and a big lense and call themselves a photographer.  Also not everyone is out to make art, I get that too, people want to come in and see their fav character and make memories.  Also totally cool!


But maybe some direction or a pit in the organization of the shoot would help.  I do not have an answer, this is one of the hardest questions organizers anywhere have to try and find an answer for.  I can hail mary a picture pretty good.  I have lightroom, I can deal with the crowd later in most instances.


I figure maybe we can brainstorm some ideas, and see if there's anything we can figure out for the future.


Here's an example of trying to take a photograph from the league of legends shoot that had to move to the skywalk I guess due to space issues.



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