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Scheduling an Official Cosplay Photoshoot - Help?

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Greetings everyone!

I am trying to establish an effective time slot for a photoshoot of all of the intellectuals involved in Steins;Gate cosplay.  We wanted to apply for an official time slot, but it appears the form is nowhere to be found.  Clearly sealed away by the Organization in attempt to prevent such great minds from coming together....

ANYWAY, I noticed on the official schedule ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MZvRnnP-1ENGjZqTMrRgoW49Nji4VdIsSw97cSnqD7g/edit#gid=0) an opening at 11:30AM-12:30PM on Friday morning for 400 Level West Side.  This is a PERFECT time-slot for our group and we wish to use it for our conglomeration.  However, the website says the form is down since all the time slots are full, and will re-open should a time-slot open.  That said...we are seeing open time slots yet we have The Disappearance of Form.

Any help on how we can apply would be much appreciated.


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Please submit a help ticket and we will forward this to the head of our Cosplay Coordination 


Thanks :)

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