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I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

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Just wanted to provide an update about how things worked out since I never received my badge in the mail. When I arrived in Baltimore the first thing I did was walk over to Badge Services with my paperwork and followed the Otakon Comptrollers instructions to the letter. I have to tell you that I was treated so nice by security and the Otakon staff I wanted to cry. I was ushered in to Pratt street direct to Badge Services with no line, no wait. It only took minutes to submit my paperwork and receive my replacement badge. Would you believe I was ready before the other two in my party who had their badges mailed? Lol. We were in the dealers room right away and an hour early. The earliest ever. Although I wished I would have received my badge from the USPS and not have gone through a lot of aggravation, the Otakon team took care of me in the end and we had a fantastic time.

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