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Mystery Skulls cosplay: allowed in Hall Costume Contest?


Hi there!  I just sent an email containing this same question to the 'con staff, but maybe it can be answered more quickly here in the forums.
I was reading through the guidelines of the Hall Costume Contest, and I only just noticed the rule stating that all costumes must be of characters either from Japanese media or heavily influenced by it.
I've put a lot of time into the creation of a particular costume that I've been looking forward to entering into this contest, but quite frankly now I'm a little more than concerned about whether or not I will be able to enter it at all.  I'm not sure if whoever is reading this post has seen the music video in question, but the character I am going to be dressing up as for Otakon is Lewis, the dapper-suited ghost from the animated music video for Mystery Skulls: "Ghost."  I'll provide a link to the Youtube upload of it below, along with an image of the ghost character in question:
The music video is, at first glance, very much a parody of Scooby Doo, which is very much not a Japanese cartoon at all (unless you count the fact that the characters of that old Hanna-Barbera cartoon were actually initially conceived by Iwao Takamoto, a Japanese-American animator).  However, the influence of Japanese anime and manga on the style and themes of the Mystery Skulls music video also cannot be ignored.  The drawing style and rendering of the characters, for one, is decidedly anime-influenced.  In addition, several aspects of even the storyline of the video are heavily reliant upon Japanese mythology.  For example, the six-tailed fox that tears off one character's arm is, in fact, confirmed by the video's creator to be an immature kyuubi.  The balls of fire conjured as the Mystery Skulls gang enters the haunted mansion are nods to hitodama, a Japanese interpretation of a wayward spirit as a small ball of flame.  These hitodama are controlled, then, by the master of the haunted mansion, the ghost with the frankly rather ridiculous pink pompadour that can be seen in the attached image, also the character as whom I plan to cosplay.
I will also provide a link below to some profiles created by the video's artist of characters both in the video for "Ghost" and to be revealed fully only in the sequel video for the song "Freaking Out," which is likely to be released later this year:
At the very bottom of this page, there is a character profile only in silhouette, with only the Japanese text reading "Shiramori" (white forest) available to give any clues as to who she may be.  However, some more recent revelations by the creator at the Mystery Skulls panel at Momocon of 2015 include a few storyboards for the upcoming sequel to "Ghost," a music video set to the song "Freaking Out."  While the official storyboards have yet to be released online, two attendees of the panel collaborated in recalling them to the best of their ability and posted their recollections online:
(These recollections of the 'boards have been acknowledged as more or less accurate by some of the original creator's animation team.)  These storyboards reveal that this very much Japanese-influenced "Shiramori" character (or "Shiromori," as is apparently her true name according to her recently revealed character design here: http://mysterybensmysteryblog.tumblr.com/post/120492252498/if-you-showed-up-to-my-panel-at-momocon-you)is the very spirit who brought Lewis's ghost back to the land of the living for his revenge.
Therefore, while the music video and its characters may not be from a Japanese anime, manga, game, or theatrical performance, the very storyline and character designs within the video rely heavily on Japanese themes and influences.  As such, I was wondering if it would be allowed for me to enter my cosplay of Lewis the ghost from this music video into the Hall Costume contest after all.
Thanks in advance, and cheers!

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