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Concerned about Special Needs Info


Hi. I'm trying to find out what I need to do in order to get my special needs flag (priority+) this year? I've been getting special needs stickers/flags every year since they first began to be issued and I would usually bring in a doctor's slip with me but this year I'm unable to get an appointment with my doctor (the only way they'll fill out forms or write slips) until after Otakon. I'm trying to find out if I'm already in the database (if there is one) of already being disabled? My letter basically said the same thing every year because my disability is permanent and I don't think it's going to get better but only worse as time goes on.


Thank you for your time and answer.

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-Note - I am not staff -


I searched the vitals - special needs area of the Otakon website and found this:


Do I need a doctor's note?

If it is not easily apparent that you are in need of assistance, we will ask for some kind of explanation of your needs. Medical documentation, while not required, allows us to quickly offer accommodations specific to you. Some examples of acceptable forms of documentation are

  • a doctor's note on script paper;
  • prescribed medication for condition in original container, with a label containing your name;
  • a note from a hospital or clinic on letterhead or script paper;
  • handicap parking identifier; or
  • a Maryland MTA reduced fare identification card, or your state or country's equivalent.

The following are a few things we would not accept as documentation:

  • over the counter medication;
  • a note written by yourself or, when applicable, a guardian; or
  • a doctor's note dated more than two months prior to Otakon.

If you choose to provide documentation, a note from a doctor, clinic, hospital, or therapist only needs to indicate that you may need accommodations. We do not need detailed medical information.


If you need more specific information on your individual situation you could use the "email us" part of the Otakon website and then choose the special needs department.


Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the info; I must have overlooked it.

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