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Comiket / Comic Market

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Well, with Summer Comiket approaching at the end of August, I was wondering if anyone on these boards has attended the mega doujin event, and if so, has any cool, funny, odd or scary stories to share?


While I can tolerate the crowds at Otakon somewhat, I myself will never be able to live my dream to attend Comiket due to the crowding, among other reasons...for those unfamiliar, here's a photo I found online of just a small section of one exhibit hall... yikes!


( In case the photo gets hotlink-blocked later, the URL is: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jL242mIgFVI/TyfRhJ1QdvI/AAAAAAAAAMU/N5Y_TgaD8mI/s1600/comiket.jpg )



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Reminds me of New York Comic Con. smile.png


Yeah, I did NYCC only once, the year they first folded in NYAF, and yeah, the Javits Center was just a WEE bit packed LOL...and now that NYCC is turning into the east coast version of SDCC and badges sell out months in advance, I'll likely never go again.


Comiket & SDCC are both off my bucket list due to my distaste for such crowded conditions...

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