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Wheelchair Question


I have a quick question for the staff.

I bought my membership a few weeks ago. 
I am and will be heavily pregnant at Otakon this year. 
I have a history of preterm babies.

My doctor has cleared me for the con, but wants me to rest as much as possible, and stay hydrated
I've been having mild contractions for a few weeks now that get worse if I walk around too much. 
But again, the doctor is aware and says I'm okay to go. Baby will be okay at this point if she comes early, but it's still not ideal. 

My question is, I have a wheelchair that I use when I go out to run errands for an extended period of time. 
I don't know if I can bring it?
Do I need a doctor's note?
How would I go about notifying the con of a special need?

I know there's a form on the page when you buy your membership every year, but I've already got mine and don't know if I can go back and update or change it?

I submitted a help ticket quite a while ago, but it never got addressed. That for for a log in issue though. But I'm nervous about doing that again, without much time left now. 

I guess I'm just seeking general guidance?

I have another appointment on Thursday, so I can ask her for a note if needed, but as it stands, she says I can go, and has approved the wheelchair, but hasn't done any formal documentation on it's use, since I already owned my own chair from a previous pregnancy and I don't generally go out a whole bunch anyway. 

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Hi there! Unfortunately I am not Special Needs staff and I cannot formally answer your question since I don't know the answer (Sorry!). However, I do suggest two things:


1) Submit another help ticket and mark it specifically as Special Needs.


2) Definitely bring your doctor's note explaining the situation. Any documentation you have helps.


As for what to do at con, that I can help you with. When you come to con to get your badge, go to the front doors and tell the staff there that you need Special Needs. They will let you in and direct your to the Special Needs desk.


More information on our Special Needs policy and what you will need to do can be found here: http://otakon.com/specialneeds.asp.


I hope this helps! Hopefully someone from Special Needs will see this soon and give you a more definitive answer.

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I just looked through all 14000+ of our help desk cases and I haven't seen yours (in fact the last pregnancy related question we received was over a year ago) so definitely submit to help.otakon.com again.


I know the head of special needs does not frequent the BBS, but she does monitor the help desk cases.

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Hello, I'm not associated with staff or the convention, and that's my disclaimer, so take my advice as you will.

Now, that I've said that, I am purely commenting on this as an individual that has had "special needs" since 2000.

First thing is first

You need a doctor's note generally when it's not visible of your condition or need. Considering pregnancy is visible, I'll let you use your best judgment for that.
You also usually write in the special needs box when you sign up for registration. If you didn't write it there, you can email the person on that page.

When you come into Pratt st. on your wheel chair (bring your own), staff or security will point out or escort you to the access elevator that will take you to the Special Needs registration booth.
That booth will take care of the rest, and that's all there is to it.

I hope that all helps. Enjoy the con and try to stay in the a/c! biggrin.png 

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