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Chris Wanamaker

Cosplay List 2.0

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Sorry to repost this but I had to revise the Cosplay list. I hope this helps all the cosplayers who are trying to promote their cosplay on the Internet.





Authored by

Christopher M. Wanamaker


Hello Cosplayers from around the world.


Here is a list of places you can submit your cosplay photos

to. This list will continue to grow as I find more cosplay fanpages that

request cosplay submissions. These sites are no nonsense when it comes to

making rude comments about cosplay so don’t worry about the haters and have




When submitting your cosplay photos PLEASE use one cosplay

photo per month to submit to as many of the pages listed below. Pick the best photo

of your cosplay.


Special note there maybe some exceptions to the format

depending on the sites listed below.




HOW to submit your cosplay photos:

Send out a picture of one of your cosplays once a month

using the format below


Cosplayer: (Insert your name or cosplay name along with

your  cosplay page link)








For the Ladies


Cosplay Girls


Women of Crossplay


Woman VS Cosplay


Women of Comic Book Cosplay


For the Guys

Men VS Cosplay




Group pages:

Special Note: With Group pages copy/paste a link of a photo album from your Cosplay Page.

 I .E. An photo album of you cosplaying as Sailor Moon or Goku. By  pasting a link of your photo album on the group pages below your pages reach will increase. Give yourself about an hour each day. We’re talking promoting one cosplay photo album per day for five days a week.


Black Cosplayers and Gamers

DMV POC Cosplayers

POC Cosplayers

West Cost Cosplayers of Color

Texas POC

African American Cosplayers Unite

28 Days of Black Cosplay

Costumers of Color

Urban Cosplay

Full Spectrum Cosplay

Minority Cosplayers

Carolina’s POC Cosplayers



Cosplay Association of the Upper Midwest


Cosplay We all Know and love

Cosplay Models

Cosplay and Model Unity


Philly, PA, NY and NJ Area Cosplay


Cosplay Page Promotion


Cosplay Fans


Cosplay Seattle


Middle TN Cosplay Crew


Sacramento Cosplayers



Cosplay Acrossed the Nation


Cosplay Alaska


Defenders of Cosplay Faith


Cosplay of Pennsylvania


Everyones Hot in Cosplay


Cosplay is For Everyone II


Cosplay Freaks


Cosplay Run Way



Heartland Cosplay Society



Cos Alive




Big Costume Builders


The Fellowship of Cosplayers


DC Cosplay Photos shoots

Cosplay Promotion



Promote your cosplay Page

Cosplay Career Builder


Just Cos….Play



Upstate New York Cosplay Society


Cosplayers and Photographers


Cosplay Ever After


Promote your Cosplay Page USA


Cosplay Argentina


I bet I can find over 1,000 people you like to cosplay


Cosplay Community Center

World Cosplayers

Old Farts of Cosplay




Christian Cosplayers

Cosplayers of a Certain Age

The Maryland Cosplayers

NYC Cosplayers

Cosplay is for everyone       

Cosplay Life

We Rise Cosplay Central

Midwest Cosplay Connection

Cosplay City


Cosplay Ireland Chat

Cosplay VA

Promote your Cosplay Pages+


Cosplay Utah


DC Comics Cosplay Group

Marvel Cosplay International

Cosplay Maryland

Cosplayers of Florida

Cosplay Savanna

Replica Prop Forum


Cosplayers of the World

Southern Maryland Cosplay

Cosplay Shout outs


Anime, Cosplay and Manga

Cosplay Toronto

Cosplay Indonesia

Cosplay Warriors

Ontario Cosplay Wars

Indiana Cosplayers

Omega Cosplay Puerto Rico


Cosplayers of Canada

Cosplayers of PA

Cosplayers of Pennsylvania

Cosplayers of America

Cosplay Spotlight: Share, Promote

Cosplay USA

Cosplay Kupids

Cosplay Community


Cosplay NY

Cosplay Love



VA Cosplayers Club

American Cosplay and Fan Films

Cosplayers Unite

Geeking for Cosplay

East Coast Costumes

Cosplay Page Network

Cosplay It Unites US

Florida Cosplayers

The Cosplay Circle

Cosplayer Nation


Cosplay Pages

Men vs Cosplay Insider Group

Cosplay Circle

Promote Your Cosplay Page

Philidelphia Cosplayers

America Cosplayers Unite



Fan pages/Websites:

I love Afro Cosplay

POC Cosplayers Fan page

Black Girl Cosplayers

Cosplaying while Black

Cosplaying while Latino

Average Joes Cosplay Appreciation Community

Cosplay Shout-Outs

All that’s Cosplay


Anime Complexium

Killer Cosplay                                                                    

Killer Cosplay

Cosplay Fanatic

Food and Cosplay

Chibita Cosplay

Cosplay Champions

Club Cosplay


Over 30 Cosplay


Southern Cospitality


Cosplay Worldwide


Best Cosplay in America


All things Cosplay


Cosplays Everywhere





Popculture Uncovered

 (Special Note: please send your responses and 3 photos to


Cosplay Dominican




Cosplay Fever


We are Cosplayers


Cosplay Corner






Fashionably Geek


Love your Cosplay Body


Cosplay Appreciation




Cosplay Craze


I love Cosplay






J1 Studios


Lifted Geek Cosplay Wednesdays


Share My Cosplay


Word of the Nerd


Southern Cospatality



Australian Cosplayers


Cosplay without bias


Cosplay Corners


Cosplay for all


Cosplay Equalist




All Cosplayers are Equal


Super Hero Costuming Forum

Everyone can cosplay


Erniestratos Cosplay Appreciation


Cosplay Compliments


Pakistani Cosplayers


Comics Alliance






Florida Cosplay dot org Magazine


Suited Up Cosplay Magazine


Cosplay City Magazine


Cos Wise


Cosplayer Montly






Cosplay +Magazine


CAA Photoshoot Magazaine


Cosplayers Among Us


Cosplay Famous


Cosplay Gen


Cos Culture Magazine


Cosplay Culture Magazine

Special Note: send your cosplay Pictures to this magazine via

Facebook or tag this magazine via instagram.



La Vida En Cosplay







We Rise Mag


Geek Fantasy Magazine                         






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