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The Eva Monkey

Evangelion Video Series

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Hi all, I just wanted to share some videos I've been making lately.

I'm basically doing a tightly-scripted version of what I would ordinarily do in a panel format, and instead applying it to video.  I've been producing Eva videos on an every other week basis.  If you can't get enough Evangelion in your life, give them a look and consider subscribing, I have much more on the way.

The few most recent videos I've completed:

I took a deeper look into the film One Hour Photo with Robin Williams, and examined the fan belief that Williams wrote an Evangelion toy into the film's plot.

I also took a close look at hidden details in The End of Evangelion, because the DVD released by Manga Entertainment was pretty lousy.

Finally, I also did a round-up of recent Evangelion news, including the current status of Eva 3.0+1.0's production.

I hope you all enjoy, if you like what you see or have any feedback, please let me know.  :)

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