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The last thread got autoarchived again, but a lot of things have happened since the last one, so here we go again!

Let me break down what I know:

GamePlay (Marley Station Mall, Glen Burnie, MD): current lineup is:

  • jubeat (NEW!)
  • DDR (recently refurbished)
  • beatmania IIDX (refurbished late 2016)
  • pop'n music
  • DrumMania
  • In The Groove
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  • The Simpsons
  • Various redemption games

re:gen (White Marsh Mall, White Marsh, MD): a used video game store. Recently lost their jubeat, but has added a Naomi Universal cabinet that they intend to rotate games in.

Save Point (Townmall of Westminster, Westminster, MD): a used video game store. Has an ever-rotating selection of games and various pinball machines. I haven't been in a while and the game selection changes rapidly due to the number of events they bring games to, so I honestly can't tell you what's in the store right now.

The Cave Gaming Center (Fairfax, VA): a 24 hour LAN gaming center located in the interior of a largely open-air shopping center. They recently added a bunch of arcade music games:

  • jubeat
  • beatmania IIDX
  • pop'n music
  • BeatStream

Round1 (Exton Square Mall, Exton, PA): just recently opened and has way more games than I can list in this space. Standouts include Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone, Theatrhythm All-Star Carnival, Groove Coaster, CROSSxBEATS, Gunslinger Stratos, and should soon receive Maximum Tune 5.

Got a hot arcade spot nearby I missed? Let everyone know here!

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The Cave in Fairfax has added a Groove Coaster 3 and a Museca 1 1/2.

Just went on a short weekend trip to Round1. I don't really get bored of Maximum Tune 5 at all. I hope some place a bit closer gets it in so I don't have to drive almost three hours each way to play it...

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I know these aren't quite nearby, but there are 3 new Round1s opening up.

• One in upstate New York (can't remember its town/city name at the moment)

• One on Long Island (Hicksville, NY) on July 1st (this weekend!) I wish I could go to its grand opening... it's the closest location that'll likely have a Future Tone machine... I have a connection that says he saw an FT machine there as they're prepping for the big opening moment...


• One in Saugus, MA in the Square One Mall (here's to hoping they get an FT machine because Saugus, MA is much easier for me to get to than the previous MA location in Taunton, MA (Silver City).

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I've got a Round 1 in Exton, Pa really close to me and I love it. For my graduation party I rented one of the karaoke rooms for me and my friends and we had a blast. I've won a few crane games and played tons of Galaga Assault among other games. B)

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