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Studio Ghibli films at Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland theaters

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Am not sure if this is advertised much, so thought maybe some folks here might be interested?  A bunch of Studio Ghibli's films will be shown at the Bethesda Row movie theater, on Woodmont Avenue, in Bethesda, Maryland, (near the Barnes and Noble), on the weekends beginning this Saturday (3/11/17) through April, 2017.  They'll also be shown at the E Street Cinema and the West End Cinema, both in Washington, DC (I didn't note the dates for the Washington, DC theaters -- sorry about that).  Some movies will be dubbed in English, but most will be in Japanese with subtitles in English.  They are:


The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Howl's Moving Castle

Porco Rosso

The Wind Rises

Castle in the Sky

My Neighbor Totoro

Pom Poko

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Kiki's Delivery Service

Princess Mononoke

Only Yesterday

Spirited Away


Typing out the long theater urls to include in this post didn't seem to work.  So, I suppose going to the different movie theaters' webpages will have the info.  But if not, you can find links to all three theaters at the Bethesda Row webpage.  Please google:  bethesda row cinema

Once you're on the Bethesda Row webpage, please scroll down and you'll see the Studio Ghibli links for all three theaters.


Sorry about the extra long way to get to the webpages.



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