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Have Many PC's, Would Like to Work with Otakon


A buddy of mine and I run an event at conventions on the East Coast of the US. We've got loads of PC hardware and set it up for folks to play Touhou Project games on. Katsucon, AnimeBoston, Portcon Maine, and Nekocon are our current list, and we're looking to expand to Otakon if it's possible. It's a labor of love for us, so we don't ask for money in return for it. We just bring the stuff to cons that we are already going to and set it up. I'm not going to go super in depth here, that's best saved for when I have a proper contact to work through.

Normally, I wouldn't post this in a public forum, but I'm not sure what else I should do at this point. I've been trying to contact someone who can get us the organizational support required to set this up since March and haven't yet had any success in getting someone to contact me back. Typically, this would be someone involved with management of the games room or programming. Tried the Contact Us link on the site, going to Otakon's booth at other cons to get contact info, and emailing the few people I know are involved in Otakon's staffing. I understand, life happens and people are busy. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me regarding this using either forum PM's or the email address I used to sign up for the forum. I'll get the contact more complete info about what we can do and what we need to make it happen when a proper channel is open.

I'm now at the point where I need to finalize travel plans. To do that, I'll need to know if those travel plans include several hundred pounds of gear or not. If I can't get a response from someone by the 23rd of June I'll have to plan to go without the equipment.

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