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Medical Services?


I was wondering if in order to serve as medical aid, would you need to go through the gofer process? Also, how often do gofers get promoted to staff? 

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We don't have any medial aids on gofers or staff -- we leave that to the professionals.  Well, we do have those amongst are staff who are professionals for their outside of Otakon lives (sadly there is such a thing), but even for them, they'll leave it to the people are paid to perform that service for us during the con.    During our Gofer orientation we instruct Gofers on ways to help contact the appropriate people if things like medical services are needed.

As far as Gofers moving on to staff, there are about 200 that I know of since I started tracking in 2013.  Looks like about 25 of those in the last year, but there's certainly more than that since I only know the ones that we've been notified about and a number probably go through the Chief of Staff directly.  If you want to get involved in helping make Otakon work, I certainly recommend it as the best way.

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