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Otakon 2018 AMV Contest/Theater FAQ

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AMV Contest Rules
Official AMV Contest rules are here:
We are open for submissions RIGHT NOW.  If the rules change, and suddenly your submitted video would not be compliant with them, you will be given ample time to make corrections as necessary.
Two significant changes this year:
1) We will accept entries that were sent in on a previous year, yet did not make the final cut.  Always have, ever since I started running the contest.  What has changed this year is that if the same video  has been featured as a non-finalist more than twice already, it will be disqualified.  For example, if you sent us a video in 2015, it did not make finals, you sent us the same video (or a recut version of the same video) in 2017 (it took you two years to clean it up, can't rush perfection!), and that too did not make the final cut, if you send us the same video (or recut version of the same video) in 2018, it will be disqualified.  This is to prevent people from sending the same entry year after year, just to score a reserved seat.
2) We will accept download links to your video this year.  Please be CERTAIN that your video is ready to download when you submit your form.  Do not submit your form 3 months early, and then change your video the day of the deadline and ask us to re-download it.  The submission form has been updated with a line to provide a download link.  Providing a link is optional.  Tradition FTP/snail mail services are still offered.

AMV Theater
It's back. Same location as last year (WEWCC 144ABC).

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23 minutes ago, Yukimi Kazari said:

Hay, I'm doing a AMV with the Akame ga Kill anime, is there any policy on violence and stuff like that...

AMV Contest General Rules

Submissions with nudity, offensive language, and/or excessive violence may be disqualified at the coordinator's discretion.

  • The contest screening will be open to the general public, and thus the content must be appropriate for the general public.
  • Entries disqualified under this rule will very likely not be screened at the OTAKON® convention.

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Send it in early.  If I think it's too much and will never pass pre-screenings, then I'll let you know and you'll have plenty of time to correct it.

If I think it's fine, but it still doesn't pass pre-screenings because of something subjective, then you'll have a short window to make changes.

I will never fail a video for something subjective like "too violent" without giving the creator a chance to clean it up.  Nobody should be punished for something that is up to interpretation.  Now, if the rules say "no subtitles" and you have subtitles, and you submit your video at the last minute, then I can't help you there.  No mercy from me if you submit something that blatantly violates the rules at the last minute :)

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Definitely agree with the idea of sending in the the video early (or at least e-mailing Vic to ask for his opinions about a scene that could lead to a video being DQ'ed due to content).

When it comes to my current plan for this year's AMV Contest (I'm not counting out the possibility of a change of plans, although said change would require a brilliant idea for a "general audiences" video popping up between now and the end of May), I was getting it ready for another major convention when I got the feeling that a certain scene in my video could result in it getting DQ'ed there (as well as other conventions). So, I sent a clip of the questionable scene to the head of that contest for his opinion. After the contest head informed me that the scene would have most likely led to my video being ineligible, I made the proper change to the video (with me going for a different direction in terms of what clip to use to accompany a particular line in the song), and managed to submit it to said contest without any additional problems from their end (rendering the video, though... :rolleyes:).

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