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'Officially Recognized' Cosplay Photoshoots

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All the photoshoots I'll be hosting for Otakon this year. All of these are also 'officially recognized by Otakon', so they're listed on the Otakon schedule (https://www.otakon.com/schedule) + Guidebook (http://guidebook.com/guide/101700/).


Additionally, as far as each event's Facebook URL:



-Time/Date: Fri., 8/10 @ 12-1p




-Time/Date: Fri., 8/10 @ 3-4p




-Time/Date: Fri., 8/10 @ 5-6p



+Final Fantasy+

-Time/Date: Sat., 8/11 @ 7-8p




-Time/Date: Sunday, 8/12 @ 1-2p




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