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Funimation Favorites rescheduled panel and guidebook updates

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Hey All,

So yesterday the Funimation Favorites panel was cancelled (because Funimation wasn't able to make it there for some reason). While there, it was announced that it would be rescheduled for Sunday at 11.

But I do not see this update anywhere on Guidebook, or any announcement about it on social media.

Can we get an announcement about this, please? We are left to wonder where it is and if it is really happening, and no one who wasn't present yesterday knows about it, either, if it isn't on the schedule for all to see.


P.S. In general can we please have more announcements via guidebook? Past years any announcements about a panel, or change, or an update was done via Guidebook inbox. But last night I came to find that there were announcements and updates I missed through the day because they were not sent over Guidebook, only relayed via facebook... We have the app, it lets you reschedule panels and send announcements through it, so let's utilize it, please!

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