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Otakon 2018 AMV Theater Playlists

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Here are the playlists for the events ran in AMV Theater at Otakon 2018.

Some of them might not be accurate since the playlists could have been further tweaked on-site, and we usually don't save them post-event since we'd never need to load them again.

I am not posting playlists for events that weren't hosted by AMV Theater staff, even if I have access to them.  That will be up to the presenters as to whether or not they want to post their lists.

Obsidian Zero - Manly Manly Models
Fatal Editz - DBZ Infinity War
somaticjester - Your Name 76
Opner - Tohru
shorisquared - U.A. High
Rider4Z - Cowboy Bebop Fallout
Speedy180 - Outlawz of the Galaxy vol.2
DAPSEpako - Destiny
MadMegatax - Through the Stained Glass
BecauseImBored1 - Baseless
DopplerDo - Deep Blue
BleachShippu5678 - Let You Down
AngelMaeVictory - Glorious
dragontamer - Blame
Tsunderbird Studios (Bimyou) - A Real Hero
SSGWNBTD - The Unforecasted Storm
Spartan Media Productions - Short in the System
Ramen Noodle Productions - Pink Streak
JanikaChan and Trenzilla - Spill this Blood
TheDestineeAMV - Eternity
Shin - Sour Diesel
Cosmic Cuttlefish - Take On Flip Flapping
Rybicka AMV - Soul Mate
alchemyminiAMV - Lily Blossom
Pixelblended Studios (Xophilarus) - Youth in Motion
Kazemon15 - Changing the World to Be Ours
Mero-tachi Studios (Cirera & Kira) - Colored Lights
Valter RCP - What Matters Is on the Inside
Warlike Cygnet - Siete Metum
Studio le Croc - Bananya Cat - Cuteness Overload
PerkyPastry - Mukosei kara Hiro e
Kireblue - Technicolor Dreamer
GloryQuestor - New Star
Aly-san - Which One of Us
Mycathatesyou69 - One Trick Pony 3
PaNTSU oF d00m - Literary Love
ZephyrStar - Daydream Return
CPT Kawaii - Godzilla

AMV CONTEST NON-FINALISTS (probably not in order at this point)
[Under The Box Productions] (Davis 51) - Redemption 0.00
[Under The Box Productions] (Krigen) - La Gobelet
888WolfStar - Gravity The Wind Rises
Aquiline Studios (Cyanna) - Dueling Videos - Goode Ice
Aquiline Studios (Scintilla) - Mitakihara
Brian Auxier - Truth
CamiChan19 - My Refuge
Dandy - And I'm Feeling Cool
DJ Jonny Blaze - Pray for Itachi, the True Hero
EnQuatre - Not Quietly
Erika Furudo  - Initial D Evangelion Opening
FOURth Day - Kill the Heathens
GhetAMV - That One Volleyball Show
Kap - Gundam Unicorn 1999
MalkyTop - Ichimatsu Learns Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mysunsai - A Thousand Words
Pokechan - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Pwncakes42 - UA High Trailer
ShadyMacro - Fly On
Soltaru - Forever and Ever
SpookyYuki - Hoshizora
Studio Hawk - Take Your Heart Otakon
TehPhoenix - Cracks
TheMightyMic - A Cosmic Ballad
Toon Addict Productions - The Road to Pompeii
Tsunderbird Studios (Tsunderbird Seth) - Soc Muda
xanniechan_ - My Hero Academia Game Edit
LapuLapu - Diamond Sky
ProjectTwinsAMV - Your Light
TheAsian777 - Human
Tsunderbird Studios (KeiichiFace) - 5318008
Arctic Tribe - Psycho
Armed and Out of Medication Productions - Catsalibur
BasharOfTheAges - Empandering Hearts
Brad DeMoss - Ishafan
Bry_ - Maple Leaves
Casual-Swimmer - The Power and Fury
Chris Eng - To Yamcha with Love
Cneq - Kekkai Sensen - Lonely
drewaconclusion - Frigida Mortis
Elv - Holy Grail War
EmberFox - Rule the World
Erik Heckert - Tokyo Ghoul Survivor
FT - Hear My Heart
Grocerystorephobic - Dream Sweet In Sea Major
Haley - Lucy's Path of Growth
Heshan - Unfulfilled Dream
Hip Hop Anime - We Got It Going On
Ikuna - Magic Garden
JakeWhyman - FLCL Robot Stop
King Redeem - Silver Needle
Lelani - Conversations with Death
luvluna - Persevere
MiraKayla - BCW
narujun - The Sky Descended
NepNep - Champion
Nuke - Giants
Otaku Lounge Productions - Synced Together Again
Pasta Sauce Productions - Don't Doubt It
Pikapwn - Zero to Onion
RockAndCedar Studios - Real Friends
rydencyborg - Mighty Morphin Gundam Wing
SaminatorDavis - This Is Violet Evergarden
SeanPNG - Might of Horus
The Universal Donor - Hostage
Tsunderbird Studios (PieandBeer) - 100% Salt
Zandersen - Spend My Life
Zane Kordich - Rocks Off

Original Pokemon Intro
King Naruto
NightHawk - Be A Man
Fullmetal's Back
DSP - Disney in D(wchang) Minor
K-type - Hale's Mom
Beast of Ikebukuro
Scintilla - And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors
Pwolf & Ileia - Hold on to that Feeling
SuperJujuAwesome - Let It Let It Chopper
AMV Hell 3 Clean Ending
Multifaceted Romance
Just Funkin' Dandy
Waldo's Magic Ink - Come Sail Away

Juke Kisaragi - How to Flip the Bird
Kevmaster - Dive In
MrPilk - HUMP DAY!!
Taite - Eighty-Six
Sailor Death - suicidal-tendencies
jt_x - I ****** Your Girlfriend Last Night
DMRA - Down With The Sickness
Cenit - No More Mercy
Compbros - Makes me Thirsty
drewaconclusion - Frigida Mortis
LuciInTheSkyAMVs - Prisoners of Lust
Cenit - No Mercy
Tsunderbird Studios (Amaterasu) - Krispy Kreme
Nanamix - Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo
Shekai AMVs - Revy's Rap
jt_x - Happy
JMI Productions - Staring Down the Barrel
JMI Productions - J*** Vids for Cash
Name & Address Withheld by Request - Get Off
AMV4000 - Uncle Pro Project
Kitsuner - Sesame Street's Red Light District
Lizard Dante - HOT L
Mirkosp - Dedicated to AMV
Sailor Death Productions - The Loophole
haunter103 - Ecchi Vaudeville
drewaconclusion - Snow Blower

Cousin& I Productions - Searching
HurQlez03 - Evangelion - Numb
Black Sun Productions - Nightmare
AuN Studios - Hinamori's Story
Kusoyaro Productions - Ves-'ka Gankutsuou
Hidama Productions - Break the Chain
ritabuuk - To Dream Again
Meri & Mike 'VegettoEX' LaBrie - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
EimiJ7 - Deceiver
RAWdangers - The Ballad of a Dog
Anicsi - If I Never
SeasonsFX - Fighter Red
Drabaz - When I See You Again
Trenzilla - Death in Eden

BasharOfTheAges - AMV(&humor)
tsu - 50 Ways for Your Partner to Die
Mycathatesyou69 & King Redeem - Dunces & Dragons
drewaconclusion - In Digestion
HalOfBorg - Me, Myself and Me
Baka Oppai - Anime 404
shorisquared - 877-YENNOW
MomtoCutiePia - Mr. Suave
Aquiline Studios (Scintilla) - Gibberish in Motion
TarageAMV - Cosplay Bargain Bin
Cirera - Compliments
Off Centered Productions - You Owe Me
MycathatesyouAMV - 8th Grade Goober Syndrome
LC_Lapen - Too Much of a Gin Thing
GinaNelson - Stereotypical Party Filler
DSP - Ask a Sennin
Tsunami Jones - Thirst for Metal
VegettoEX Meri - Obligatory EVA Trailer
Out of the Closet
Sean Thordsen - An Inspirational Message
VivifxAMV - Ship Happens
Zanzaben - Zombie Baby
shorisquared - Spiralwalker
King Redeem - One Horn Man
Parodic Productions - Yup, Still Single
l33tmeatwad & snapxynith - Evangelion 0.33 - Shinji Did (Not) Have Sex
SSGWNBTD - Wonderful!

One Punch Man Saves London Super Comic Con 2016  Cosplay Video
Anime Expo 2017
Attack on Titan Theme (Guren no Yumiya) - Violin - Taylor Davis
Cosplay Music Videos - Eurogamer - Cosplay Music Video
Cosplay Fever lip dub_ Let Me Entertain You
Japan Weekend 2018 COSPLAY VIDEO
Kylo-Ren Hates London Super Comic Con 2016  Cosplay Video
WonderCon 2018 Cosplay Music Video
Nerdy Stuff  Taylor Swift - Shake It Off Parody
Otakon 2017 Cosplay Music Video - Happy!
2016 World's Cosplay LoL Collab
Katsucon 2018 Cosplay Video
AWA 2013 - Cosplay Music Video - Ylvis - The Fox with lyrics
Cosplay - A Happy Parody
Thranduil Cosplay Music Video (Lady Gaga Parody)

VicBond007 - Cowboy Bebop 007
Aluminum Studios - Larger than Life
Ballad of a Space Cowboy
Jamming with Edward
More than Toast - Yesterday
Mars Soul
Meri & Mike 'VegettoEX' LaBrie - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
Kentaro - Ganymede Has A Whorehouse In It
Vlad Pohnert - I Don't Wanna Be a Cowboy
Cowboys of the Bebop
E-Ko - Tainted Donuts
Castor Troy - Dragon Bebop Z
Premonition Studios - The Bounty Hunters Who Don't Do Anything

Iron Editor - Otakon 2018 - Intro
BecauseImBored1 - THROWBACK
shorisquared - OVERWATCHMEN
Iron Editor - Sakura-con 2018 - Intro
Iron Editor - Sakura-con 2018 - Victoria
Iron Editor - Sakura-con 2018 - Tasha
Iron Editor - AWA 2017 - Intro
Iron Editor - AWA 2017 - KireBlue
Iron Editor - AWA 2017 - Xophilarus
Iron Editor - Momocon 2018 - Intro
Iron Editor - Momocon 2018 - Lord Rae
Iron Editor - Momocon 2018 - BioticAMVs
Koop - Perception
Neo Eva - Questionable Gender
JMI Productions - No One's Laughing
Brakus Media - Onizuka's Boys
Ronald Ladao - Without GTO
Mad Rush Studios - Testing the Future
Altechan - Lord of the Yen Trilogy
Gambitt - Some Girls Like Crack
AntaresHeart07 - Heavy
Mad Hatter
Douggie - Senpai Says
Sean Thordsen - Katamari Cromartie
NightHawk - Be A Man
Original Pokemon Intro
Pwolf & Ileia - Hold on to that Feeling
SuperJujuAwesome - Let It Let It Chopper
Studio Hybrid - Code Monkey
Suberunker Studeosh - Football
StudioKZ - Burning Fashion
Jani Kauppila - She-Man and the Masters of the Azuverse
DSP - Fanboy Agony

alexmichur00 - The Beat Will Continue until Morale Improves
Armed and Out of Medication Productions - Otaku Beach
Avalon Blade Works - Fate Eternal Inferno
Bloody Wheels Productions - Can You Hear It
Brakus Media - Earth's Last Hope
Celia Phantomhive - Mahoupocalypse
CornDog VidVids - LipBomb
Davis 51 (Under The Box Productions) - H2Otakon!
Galia & Kitty - M.A. Tsuri
Gundam Style
Hidama Productions - Melancholy
Initec Studios - Stand Out
JMI Productions - Tribute to a Loner
Jump Cut Productions - Shut Up and Ride
katie k - When You Were Young
Kazemon15 - Shattered Rozes
lovinyoujacksparrow2 - Mirrors
moonbunnychan - Be Your Girl
Nightmistress85 - Let's Rock!
NoglasticNinja - Metal Gear Waifu V
One Winged Angel Productions - Haruhi Suzumiya vs the World (of Anime)
Parodic Productions - Squid Girl Is Metal
SatoshiSakura - Catch You Catch Me If You Can
VicBond007 - Shining Collection
Xophilarus (PixelBlended Studios) - Swivel
Waldo's Magic Ink - Come Sail Away

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