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Hero Union BBS

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Wut?! I just learned something... From an isekai manga!!! https://mangadex.org/title/12956/hero-union-bbs

"orz": I always thought this was just some weird ending to sentences uttered by some Japanese youth. It turns out it is an emoticon. It's a person on their knees with their hands on the ground and lowering their head in despair/frustration. (explained in chapter 13 of the manga)

This manga has turned out to be pretty funny so far. The premise is there is a BBS for heroes across all the parallel universes out there - both active heroes and retired heroes. The active heroes can ask for advice from the retired ones. "Retired Hero Student" seems to be from a world close to our earth in timelines, and he definitely acts as a BBS troll in his posts.

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Have only had time to see a few panels of the manga -- it's really great and interesting!  Thanks for link!  Now just gotta find the time to view it all -- orz!  :)


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