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Nekocon 2018 Feedback

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Anyone get to go to Nekocon in Hampton, VA this past weekend? 

We had a lot of fun and I FINALLY got to see Eric Stuart at a con and got a CD signed by him. The Cells at Work photoshoot was a ton of fun as we formed a parade that marched to the theme song through the entire convention center. Dealer's room merch was decent although I felt the artist's room was down in size this year. 

It seemed that the attendance was down from last year and I was disappointed at the number of panels and anime showings that were cancelled. (I think about half of the scheduled anime viewings were cancelled and replaced by something else.) 

What did you think?   Nekocon hasn't had a forum for a number of years now so I figured here's as good a place as any!  :D 

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