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Some details about the plans Aramark has with regards to food at the D.C Convention Center, article also details current renovation plans

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Here's an article I found that details the plans that Aramark has with regards to food at the D.C. Convention Center and also renovations that are to take place: https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2019/04/09/d-c-convention-center-preps-for-exterior-reno-new.html

Some of the exterior changes to take place: Planters and public art for the exterior of the convention center, more retail space, more seating and a rooftop terrace.

Some of the food plans that Aramark has: Implementing a locally-focused food program being dubbed "D.C. Eats", convention center to have a "pop-up restaurant" with a rotation of "local chefs", new restaurant offerings, creation of a food hall, expanding concession areas in Hall B, install self-checkouts in Hall B, incorporate local food and restaurant brands.

Some of the interior changes listed are: main lobby renovation, install mobile ordering tech in the main lobby, and "more food and dining-specific lobby renovations":


The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is gearing up for more change with a new food and beverage vendor on board and the approval of a long-awaited exterior improvement project. 

Events D.C., the city’s conventions and sports authority, received approval Thursday from the National Capital Planning Commission for its exterior renovation, the latest effort to modernize the 15-year-old convention center and better connect it to surrounding neighborhoods. 

The project includes adding planters and public art to the building’s exterior, installing retail kiosks for pop-up shops with red-tinted glass awnings to break up the building's large grey exterior walls, and creating more seating on sidewalks and plazas. 

The biggest change, however, will be the addition of a rooftop terrace, accessible via exterior stairs on the back of the building on N Street NW. The rooftop will feature a landscaped area, a range of lounge and table seating and a bar. 

Work on the exterior improvements will begin just as a new food and beverage contractor takes over the food service at the convention center. Aramark took the lead as of April 1, and will soon begin implementing its locally focused food program, which it’s calling D.C. Eats.

The name signifies “a commitment to creating a distinct and authentic experience that embodies Washington, D.C.’s diversity, cultural heritage and flourishing culinary scene,” according to an Events D.C. press release.  

Events D.C. and Aramark have been largely mum on the details, but the plans include a pop-up restaurant featuring a rotating cadre of local chefs, as well as some new restaurant offerings, according to heavily redacted copies of Aramark’s bid obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. 

There appear to be plans to create a food hall, as well as to expand the concessions areas in Hall B and install self-checkout technology there, and to incorporate local food and restaurant brands, according to the bid. Aramark and Events D.C. declined to provide more information on the food concepts and partnerships.

There are also plans to install mobile ordering technology in the convention center’s main lobby, which is poised to get a renovation of its own, according to the Events D.C. release. The agency already added new furniture, but there will be more food and dining-specific lobby renovations to come, according to Events D.C. The plans also include the addition of a market near the L Street entrance that will feature local brands, according to the release.

Events D.C. press release about Aramark becoming the food and beverage provider at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (note: ignore the link text, it goes to the correct press release announcing Aramark): http://eventsdc.com/NewsRoom/News/Steve-Schwartz-Bestowed-Lifetime-Achievement-Award.aspx

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