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Show off the cool stuff you picked up at this Otakon! I need to snap a few picks of the things I bought, but I'm interested in what everyone was able to find. 


+++ Obligatory request to please not post GIGANTIC photos +++ ;)

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Promised myself to not buy anything at Otakon (since I usually end up spending too much).  But by Saturday, just couldn't help it, with all the goodies around.  So, got some mangas/comics:


Your Name, Volume 1

Monster Musume, Volumes 2 & 3

Flying Witch, Volume 4 (a slower paced manga, but I like the slice-of-life fantasy of it)

Flipside, Volume 1

Cospain (3 mini comics about attending conventions -- they're hilarious)

Genshiken Omnibus, Volume 1


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I ended up getting a lot of stuff from Artist's Alley, more than I anticipated. Lots and lots of prints, enamel pins, and stickers. The merch highlight there was finding some Yotsuba&! stickers. Also got some Persona art commissioned.

It's always hard to predict what I'll get from the Dealer's Room since you never know what you're going to find. This year, I bought:

  • Some Final Fantasy soundtracks
  • A Todoroki Shoto "Amazing Heroes" figure
  • A Bleach tote bag, T-shirt, poster, pin set, and keychains (amazed I could still find merch from this show!)
  • A bunch of Yu Yu Hakusho keychains and acrylic standees (ditto!)
  • Some pins from Flying Witch
  • A Bungo Stray Dogs notepad
  • A Final Fantasy keychain

The highlight of the Dealer's Room was finding a dealer (towards the side with the industry booths) selling 10 manga for $40. I bought a ton of Alice in the Country of Clover manga. Really hoping they come back next year! Their selection was not wide, but when they had a particular series, they had just about every volume of said series.

My friend also stood in line to get me Toru Furuya's autograph, so that's my treasure. Got Yoshibe's autograph for another friend.

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