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Hi everyone!

              While we're waiting for Otakon to officially open their Hotel room blocks for 2020, anybody has anything to say about the hotels and their rooms that they stayed for this year? I'm kind of surprised that no one has made a poll about this yet.

It could be in this format:

Name of Hotel:

Was it part of the official block?


Type of room:

The Good:

The Bad:

Final thoughts: 


I like to hear (and I'm sure Otakon as well), what was everyone's overall experiences in this.



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I'll bite!


Name of Hotel: Renaissance

Was it part of the official block? Yes

Price: $700-ish for a Thurs-Sun stay

Type of room: Double bed

The Good: Close to the convention, super polite staff. We got comped wi-fi for being part of the convention block, and there were apparently themed special drinks (and maybe food) at the hotel bar, although we never got around to checking out if that was true. We were able to check in early with no difficulty, and checking out wasn't too bad of a wait (we forgot that you can check out via their app, so that's on us). Housekeepers were great. 

The Bad: I can only think of weird little things that I disliked, like the layout of the lobby (was a little hard to navigate, and the elevators are kind of hidden). Nothing really impacted the quality of my stay.

Final thoughts: We're absolutely staying here again; it was fantastic!

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Name of Hotel: Embassy Suites

Was it part of the official block? Yes

Price: $217 / night

Type of room: King Suite

The Good: The suites are spacious, with living area which includes a table and chairs, sleeper sofa, coffee table, arm chair, and a large TV. The room included refrigerator and microwave, and had a second sink on the counter outside of the bathroom, which made getting ready in the morning a bit quicker. The bedroom had its own large TV.
Hot breakfast was included with a made to order omelette line and a line for buffet-style breakfast. Breakfast included sausage and bacon, fried potatoes, eggs, and a different starch each day (pancakes, waffles, french toast) with warm syrup. Fresh fruit, pastries, yogurt, cereals, and beverages round out the options.
I didn't take advantage of this, but they also had an evening reception each day with complimentary alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and light snacks included.
The location is great. It is a short walk from the convention center (0.4 miles) and located with convenient access to a nearby CVS, parking garages, and food options.
Staff was friendly and efficient. The hotel's bag storage on Sunday was quick and easy to drop off and pick up.

The Bad: Nothing really bad so these will be minor nitpicks. The hallways are open on one side and overlook the lobby, so noise may travel up into the halls at times. The pool was crowded on Friday night and a band-aid was spotted on the ground of the pool area. Manage your expectations if sleeping on the sleeper sofa. It is somewhere to sleep, but not nearly as comfortable as an actual bed. The room had a paper bag marked as a bag for recycling, but when housekeeping took the bag on Friday, a new one was not left for us.

Final thoughts: An excellent place to stay. Highly recommend.

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