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Was there something wrong with the forums?

Daniel Perales


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4 hours ago, Daniel Perales said:

Hi everyone!


               Like the subject says. I was trying to get to the forums these past few days only to get a message something like "It has reached capacity, try again later" when I tried to access it. 


Yes. The forums had technical difficulties over the past couple of days. You weren't alone. 

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According to the hosting provider there has been an issue with the server that our forums are on. 

I've been through the cycle of it doesn't work - support ticket - it works - time passes - it doesn't work many times now. I'm currently reviewing alternate hosting providers. As it's somewhat ridiculous that the same issue it happened more than twice. When I do switch the BBS over I'll post an announcement in the BBS announcement section so that everyone can be ready for a day or two of service disruption as the DNS moves to a new address.


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