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Hatsune Miku Expo 2020 Dates Announced. Who's going?

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Hey all! I just learned courtesy of the New England Arcade Connection Discord server that Hatsune Miku Expo 2020's dates were announced for North America! Check it out below!


I'm super stoked because as you'll see for May 5th there'll be a Boston performance, and as many of you here know (I mean it's in my profile) I currently live in Boston! I can easily get to the House of Blues Boston to attend this concert. I not only cannot wait for the new Project Diva game coming for the Nintendo Switch (of which I have  one of the special editions on pre-order), but now also for this concert. Is anyone here as excited as I am? Sadly there's no NYC stop on their tour in 2020, so the next closest for people living in and around NYC is New Jersey, but which concert are you guys going to if you attend one? Miku Expo live concerts are PHENOMENAL! If you're a Vocaloid fan to any degree it's an awesome experience that you should experience at least once! This'll be my 3rd Miku Expo concert (2014/2018/2020). Miku Expo happens every other year, but I missed 2016 because I was at a con and I couldn't do both (I was sad/mad).


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9 hours ago, Hainiryuun said:

I'll 100% be at the DC concert

Hell yeah! I wonder if the setlists will be the same this time....

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