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Potential Hotel Changes Coming

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8 hours ago, Clutch said:

I try to take the stairs when I can. That time in Baltimore where we were on the 24th floor I had to make exceptions. 😺

Oooof that must have been brutal...

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20 hours ago, GasparAKAShiggitay said:

Yeah it's all moot in terms of Otakon since it was cancelled today.


23 hours ago, windseeker said:

Well that's all moot now...

But the intent of the post is not moot - this is not in regards to a 2020 convention, but to the potential permanent changes coming to the industry & what we may face from it going forward. This is a societal change coming to the entire industry & will impact conventions like Otakon & AB significantly. Especially if they all adopt un-occupancy safety rules or elevator rules.

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I don't know if the '1 person / elevator' would be feasible in the long term. To compare, the Four Seasons Manhattan (from the article) has 368 rooms versus the 1175 at the Marriott Marquis in DC, so unless they speed up elevators or add more there's no way you could have someone get to their room in a reasonable length of time if it's limited to 1. Limiting it to 'One room's worth of guests / elevator' would be better, but still not good. (Having stayed in the Marriott for the con, getting to my room in a reasonable time with elevators filled to capacity is sometimes sketchy, depending on the time of day.) The potential shutdown of things like the complimentary breakfast buffet at the Hampton Inn would hurt as well.

On a lighter note, I request low floors when I get the reservation so I can use stairs when viable, though it's more down than up. I do this because years ago I got put in a room near the top of the hotel and decided to walk down just to do it. I was fine then, but hours later the ankle I had sprained the year before decided to make its displeasure known and just stop working for a little while when I was at the Harborplace food court. (Standing there waiting for my order, and suddenly my leg just goes out from under me. Startled the heck out of me. 🙂)


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