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Otakon 2021 Guest Requests

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I'm pretty sure this is probably still too soon to do this, but someone's gotta get the ball rolling sooner or later.  While it's definitely unfortunate for 2020's Otakon to get canceled, at least there's more than plenty of time to prepare for next year.  And hopefully this pain in the rear pandemic will be done and over with by then.

Since Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Laura Post were originally invited for what would have been this year's edition of Otakon, I hope their invitations can roll into next year's.

So here are the following people I would consider having guests for 2021:

Dub Actors

-Jamie Marchi

-Monica Rial

-Eric Vale

-Justin Briner

-Yuri Lowenthal

-Tara Platt

-Xander Mobus

-Billy Kametz

-Faye Mata

-Chris Hackney

-Kira Buckland

-Karen Strassman

-Crispin Freeman

-Matt Mercer

-Keith Silverstein

-Charlet Chung

-Keith Ferguson

-Brittney Karbowski

-Spike Spencer

-J Michael Tatum

-Brandon McGinnis

-Erica Lindbeck

-Xanthe Hyunh

-Zach Aguilar

-Aleks Le

-Briana Knickerbocker

-Sean Chiplock



-Yoko Hikasa

-Yoshisugu Matsuoka

-Haruka Tomatsu

-Ai Kayano


Musical Acts


-Linked Horizon

-Eir Aoi

-Lenny Code Fiction

-Lyn (she sang some of the songs on Persona 5)


-Myth and Roid


And what if we had a Power Ranger actor or two?  What if Austin St. John, David Yost, and/or Walter Jones (original red, blue, and black rangers respectively) could be guests?


That's all that comes to mind at the moment.  I hope there can be a little consideration in at least one or two individuals I've listed.  And I can't make any promises, but I'll at least try not to get my hopes up this time.

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Here're my annual requests for:

The (5) original Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi Seiyuu (or as many as possible / who's available, but at least the OG 5 would frickin' LEGENDARY):

Mitsuishi Kotono (Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon)
Hisakawa Aya (Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury)
Tomizawa Michie (Hino Rei/Sailor Mars)
Shinohara Emi (Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter)
Fukami Rica (Aino Minako/Sailor Venus)

Seeing the voices of Usagi and Rei on-panel stage performing their famous to the series tongue fights... That'd be too funny. Any other kind of in-character dialogue between the characters would be awesome too, and my Otaku self would be so happy!

Musical Guest:

The awesome, the one... the ONLY... DO AS INFINITY! I've been wanting to see them live for ages. I almost got a chance to go to Japan to see them, but that never happened. They were here in the US at San Japan in San Antonio, TX last year, but that's not a con I can get to easily.  Please bring them to Otakon 2021 or some year soon!!

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I think sakuraflorr would be a great cosplay guest maybe with workshops or possibly a panel with deathstrike cosplay

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Dub VA:
would be nice to see Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham again (2015 i think was their last appearance at Otakon)
Alexis Tipton
Aaron Dismuke
Matt Mercer (the larp will probably close for a while if you get him though XD )

Nana Asakawa
Kanna Hashimoto
Hayato Sano

Musical Guest:
Monkey Majik
Oresakband (with their new band mates)
Joe Hisaishi (a huge reach but maybe)

Other guests:

Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi, composers for the Ghosts of Tsushima soundtrack.

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I'd be down for Genie High as a musical guest, but given the nature of that group and everyone's obligations (particularly Ikkyu Nakajima's work with tricot), it might not be workable. I'd say "just bring tricot instead" but I worry that people might look at them and think they're similar to Spark Speaker even though they're not.

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I would love is we could get scandal as musical guest or maybe flow would be amazing also I'd really like it if stereopony would get back together for a concert


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I misread that last post as Masayoshi Soken, and I was all "HOLY CRAP YES". Now, I am disappointed in myself.

But seriously. THE FREAKING PRIMALS. y/y?

(I mean, if only to hear Under The Weight live...)

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