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Otakon 2021: Everyone's Cosplans?

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Hey all, so we don't know if Otakon'll run/run safely by next summer, but under the assumption that it does what's everyone's cosplans? For me I'm going to bring my regular Senbonzakura Miku genderbend as well as rework my Kagerou Days/Daze Miku semi-genderbend, but I also might throw together a Miroku the Monk from Inuyasha in case I wanna swap into him for a bit during the con. 

What about you guys?

Lastly, yay for me starting the Otakon 2021 forum with its first post! lol

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I wish I could come up with a solid idea that I could create and stick to in my mind for cosplay I jump all around with what I want and forget but I stopped cosplaying because I couldn't take being overly warm all the time but maybe I'll start back up again now just to figure out and settle on who I'd wanna be out of millions of ideas in my head haha

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