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Badge Mailing option for those of us who registered before this week, but after the original deadline.

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I'd read in the email that if you register this week you can have your badge mailed,  I registered after the previous deadline, and before now.

Tough luck?



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Don't know about an email, but the relevant info might be this (again, Facebook):


We know our reopening news came after the Badge Mailing deadline, so we've worked with our vendors and reopened mailed badge delivery for a VERY LIMITED TIME!

Register between Friday June 4th and Monday June 7 at 8am, select First Class Mail at checkout, and avoid the line.

I just checked Showclix since I rolled it over from last year. It still has 'Delivery Method - First Class Mail' listed (and, of course, Not Shipped). So you should be good to go, @Clutch. I've been choosing the mail option ever since it first became an option after the Thursday line debacle of... 2013?


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Mine are listed as Will Call without any option to change it.  

I personally didn't sign up to attend in 2020 figuring it was going to be canceled (which everything was), and I personally was waiting until it was set in stone.   

I signed up 2 days ago and am looking forward to it.   I already have baked in time to deal with the registration line on Friday. 

However I figured I'd post to ask as there is a gap, as someone in management would respond on here back when.

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