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Otakon 2021 AMV Contest/Theater FAQ

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Oh boy, here I go AMVing again!

Otakon 2021 is back open for business, and so is AMV Theater.

Rules were submitted to Otakon for publication, but still aren't posted.  As this is time-sensitive...
Unofficial AMV Contest Rules: http://vicbond007.net/otakon2021_rules/
(Will be swapped out for the official ones once they're approved and posted, but we are accepting submissions NOW)

Very important takeaway in regards to our "anti-trolling policy". We've always ignored awards issued by online contests, and that doesn't change this year, but it's especially important to note that this also takes into account cons that would have normally held in-person events, but couldn't this year. Ex: AWA 2020 was virtual-only. Even if your video won "Best in show, life, the universe, and everything", since it had no live in-person screening, we're treating it like any other online contest. This should hopefully result in fewer removed entries as I'm pretty sure the planet, much like an EA PC game, has been "online-only" for quite a while.

AMV Contest deadline is July 4th. I'll be celebrating with burgers, beer, and MP4s :?

AMV Theater will be running all convention-weekend as-normal. The con itself has to run reduced hours, as they need 8 hours to clean the building each night, but if the con's open, we're open.

DON'T HESITATE! The deadline to sign up is 6/20!
Otakon panel signup: https://www.otakon.com/activities/panels/
Put "AMV" somewhere in the panel title or description so that I can find it easier.

Iron Editor: Oh it's happening. If you're ACTUALLY going to Otakon and think you'd be willing to give IE a shot, PM me.  Competitors get comped just like any other panelist (free badge) and you get to flex your skills!

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:41 AM, VicBond007 said:

Oh boy, here I go AMVing again!

Otakon 2021 is back open for business, and so is AMV Theater.

Went ahead and submitted my form, however when I registered on the FTP server, I didn't receive a confirmation email with a password so I'm unable to login and upload my video. 


I sent an email (to you I think😁) earlier today to see if I need to try something else.

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