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A wild schedule has appeared!

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As is tradition, we like to give you fine Otaku on the BBS a little heads up before we make the big announcement to the world tomorrow...

The schedule is available on the website: https://www.otakon.com/schedule/ !

Note, we're still waiting on final confirmation for pretty much all the video rooms and photoshoots, so those rooms are currently empty.  But we expect to have that by the weekend and they'll get added.  There's also a number of Guest panels that always take the longest to get confirmed, but those will also be added as we get them.

Guidebook is happening this year and they are working on it.  That will get released as we get closer to con.

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11 hours ago, Daniel Perales said:

I noticed the lack of industry panels on the schedules as well. Maybe it's still too soon?

The schedule has been updated.

The only major ones are AnimEigo and Discotek (with Discotek usually being one of the highlight panels at Otakon each year, especially for old school anime fans). However, there is an "Industry Roundup Panel" on Sunday morning (I'm guessing it will include at least Crunchyroll and Right Stuf, as they have panels at other events the same weekend as Otakon).

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19 hours ago, TnAdct1 said:

as they have panels at other events the same weekend as Otakon).

I feel as if Otakon has really lost its relevancy as an industry con over the past 5 or so years, and I don't mean just because of covid. I remember back in the late 00s when Geneon and Funimation used to set up big photoshoot displays in the Dealer's Room.  Now we usually get a kiosk with DVDs and freebie posters given away at 2pm on Sunday while everyone is on the way out.

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