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I'm currently in line for the ball, and I peeked in the room and was surprised to see how small it was. There are about 75~ people in line right now, 1.5 hrs into the ball. Over the past 40 minutes I've sat in line, I've watched exquisitely dressed groups of people walk away because of the long uncomfortable wait. Club Ota seems awesome but may not be the best room for this particular event. I'm confused why a large formal ball is being held in such a small room. 

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Hey there so

 I can explain this to some extent, I was one of the staffers at the door checking outfits,

so I’m 2019 the ball was experimental and we didn’t know how popular it would be so we put it in that small room in case it wasn’t popular that way there was no wasted Space, however it very much exceeded our expectations and was incredibly popular, so and to understand this I’ll give you a small peek behind the curtain of the planning Otakon so we start planning the next years con pretty much as soon as this year‘s con starts we look and see what works and what doesn’t what we can do better what we can make even better so on and so forth, but that’s all planing phase we start really plotting things out in February, March and April so the plan for 2020 was to move to a bigger space but well March 2020 happened and things grind to a halt and we didn’t have a con that year and we didn’t know if we would have a con or not this year until the end of May, so what we usually do on a year we had to do in 10 weeks and so that meant somethings that we wanted to do had to be done the simplest way possible, but we will try to do more with the Ball next year

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