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What were the winning videos for the 2021 AMV contest?

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I found my copy of the ballot from this years AMV contest, and it made me wonder who won this year. I'd like to know because IIRC the Drama category had several that I would have voted for, but could only choose one. That and I like to compare My pick / What I think the crowd will pick and the actual winners.

Looking forward to next year's con. (Plus I got the Marriott again! 🙂)


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1st: I'm (Not) Myself by SasukeChanX

2nd: Pieces by BleachShippu5678

3rd: Ace of Hearts by lokkiclu



1st: Witches Go Hard by SilkAMV

2nd: Outrun Intensifies by Under the Box Productions (Davis 51)

3rd: Elemental by Ramen Noodle Productions



1st: Quarantine Dreams by AllyKatAVR

2nd: Affinity by BecauseImBored1

3rd: The Accompanist by Opner



1st: We Stan Stands by Mycathatesyou69

2nd: Thank God for 2D Girls by TarageAMV

3rd: Hashtag #Homecoming by Rider4Z


BEST OVERFLOW: What's Up Danger by Drabaz

VIC'S PICK: Reignited by hamstar138


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