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For the first time since I became aware of it, I qualified for having my badge mailed to me. It costs 15 bucks?

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I've been getting badges mailed since it became an option (2013? - the year after the computer snafu on Thursday down in Baltimore), and shipping has always been charged. I figure it's not that big a cost to eat to avoid standing in line for my badge. Now if there were an option to get an 18+ band that way... but I know you have to have proof to get one. (Though it is amusing that I have to show ID that I'm over 18 - I have badges that qualify for that band.)

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Yeah, it's never been free. I don't think there is a way to realistically make it free. Even if we could coordinate all the labor as volunteer work we'd still have to pay for shipping, tracking, and packaging materials and honestly that's where most of the cost lies. 

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