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Otakon 2022 COVID Policies

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When I got my first shot, they recommended keeping a picture of the card on my phone. Been updating the pic w/ the subsequent shots. I've never had a issue when showing that to people. Though while I can understand the precaution of being vaccinated, I'll say this will slow down entry into the WEWCC even more, especially in the first rush when it opens.

I'm curious if they're going to close down the convention center early this year for cleaning. Not that I'm complaining, a midnight close worked for me - I'm no longer a young man, and I need my sleep.

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If you want some form of what it may look like - keep an eye on Anime Boston where the two conventions historically share significant staff in their operations. I would not be shocked to see it very similar or even a carbon copy.

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I'm more curious if these vaccine policies are going to exist for years to come or in perpetuity.  At this point, covid is endemic and will be with us for a long time. With most places having returned to "normal" months ago, I wonder if Otakorp is going to require vaccines for Otakon 2035?  Look at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They were mandating vaccines and then suddenly did an about face after a few weeks after the decision and no longer require them. 

Anime conventions seem to be the outliers.

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On 4/14/2022 at 8:08 AM, KyoKyo said:

Anime conventions seem to be the outliers.

Not necessarily.

From their site (bolding mine):

Currently, verification of vaccination or proof of negative test are not required for admission to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center or Anime Central...

In our recent vaccine and mask policy change announcement, we stated that face coverings may be required in some areas of Anime Central or at the request of our guests of honor at their events...We strongly recommend wearing masks in all lobbies, hallways, public spaces, and restrooms.


An attendee of Colorado Anime Fest said they were given a wristband when at badge pickup when they showed proof of vaccination. If Otakon goes that way, I wonder how that would work for those of us who went with mailed badges. (Conversely, I'd love to be able to pick up the vaccine verification and an 18+ badge on Thursday, so I wouldn't have to stand in line on Friday.)

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