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PCR Test Sample Date Question


Prior to July 1, the COVID policies stated that if someone is to present a negative PCR test, it must be dated no earlier than July 27.  Didn't give much time to get one before con, but at least you knew for certain when the cutoff date was.

With the updated policy on July 1, it now says "no more than 3 days prior to picking up your badge", which leaves things less clear to me.  So someone who won't be in until Friday has 1 less day with which to get a PCR test than someone who is able to come in on Thursday?  I'm guessing these are going to be like the 18+ wristbands and are designed to be destroyed if you try to remove them, and I always somehow manage to destroy mine and must get a new one Saturday.  If the same should happen to my COVID wristband, and I need to get a new one, will my PCR test now need to be dated no more than 3 days prior to Saturday?  And what about people who get their badge mailed?  What is their "3 days prior" date?

Thank you.

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Hmm...from what I understand from how it was explained to us (because this also applies to staff) it's 3 days before you "arrive on-site"

So for instance...if you get your badge mailed but don't plan to show up/go in until Sat it's 3 days prior to Sat.

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