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Hey there! It's that time again! 

For those of you who don't know me, I post links to my channel for videos relating to that year's Otakon! Over the next few weeks,  I''ll be showing video about safety (this week's video), how to get around and of course...cheap eats around Otakon!!

If you have any questions, please let me know here or in the comments section for the video. Thanks for watching!!!


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And here is Part Two where I talk about getting around DC!




In case you want to jump to the parts you really want to see:

Flying in - :41

Buses - 7:58

Don't Drive! - 10:41

The Quadrant System (required viewing for those new to DC) - 21:09

Metro and trains - 27:41

The metro video that shows how to ride it - 38:46

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Many thanks for the videos and all the info Steve!!  In Part 2, Penn station was mentioned a few times -- I'm pretty sure you meant Union Station?


Not to be negative, but I don't quite agree with everyone in DC being unfriendly, I've met a lot of people there who were really nice -- guess we've had different experiences.  I totally agree with not driving around DC unless you absolutely have to -- not driving will save a lot of hassles and cursing.


May I add that at Union Station, along with the restaurants Steve mentioned, there's also a Shake Shack, Chick-Fil-A, some sub restaurants, two gift shops and Walgreens.  Lots of shops are still closed.


The escalator at Mt. Vernon Square metro -- I hope it's ok to say this, but just as a caution -- the handrails on the escalators going up to the street level, sometimes have bird poop on it.  (I know from experience. 😝) So, please watch where you put your hands.  Last year they cleaned the handrails really good and I didn't have any encounters.


White Flint Metro (on the red line, towards Shady Grove) -- probably not too many people will be using this station, but it's in the middle of changing it's name to "Bethesda North."  But the only place I've seen the change is right at that station -- about half the signs say Bethesda North and half still say White Flint.  Anyhoo -- right across the street from that station is a McDonalds, and a 7-Eleven is next to McDonalds.  They're really handy.


Thanks again for your videos Steve, and am looking forward to the next one!


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Forgot to mention -- there's quite a few other restaurants at Union Station, like Wendy's and Potbelly's.  But I've forgotten the names of the other ones.


Whenever I'd ride a train from Union Station, it was always fun to get there ahead of time and get some food from the restaurants to bring onto the train.


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Thanks to EdKitten for additional info and correcting me on the station name (Penn is my station up here, lol!).

And yes...watch out for the bird poop!


And now...the final part: where to eat for Otakon!!!


In case you want to know where specific things are in the video...

The Homeless Situation - 1:17

Cosplaying & Fanboy Fink - 9:06

Where to Eat for Otakon! -20:08

Also, if you would like to see our review of the most recent anime (new ones) season at the Weekly Dig -


And perhaps some anime to tide you over until Otakon?





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