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Hi everyone.  At last year's con I finally decided to try Wild Bill's Soda, and plunked down $35 to get the mug one can use for free refills throughout the weekend.  I ended up enjoying their soda a lot, so I was delighted to find out they'll be back for this year's con.  I've got one question, though:  If I bring back the mug I got last year, can I still use it to get free refills during the entire con?  Or will I have to buy a brand new mug?  Thanks.

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Follow up related to Wild Bills: I bought some items from them during Otakon online 2020 and now have a couple of their coupons for all day refills. Do staff members get free soda as a perqusite, or do they have to pay it? I'm more than willing to drop the coupons off at the Otakon booth in the Dealers Room (or somewhere else) for someone on the staff to use if they want. The 32 oz mug I bought is more soda than I'll drink in an entire weekend, much less filling it multiple times, so I'm never going to use these coupons.

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