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Saban Moon pilot episode found!

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I don't know if this technically belongs here, as the forum header says 'Serious discussion'. Close enough for government work, I suppose.

What for years had only existed as a promo video with bad sound has been found, apparently in the Library of Congress of all places. It definitely was a thing. What that thing is, I'm not quite sure.

Pilot episode (Watch at your own risk. Though it can't be as bad as Spaceballs the Animated Series. I had a friend yell at me when he watched that, despite my warnings.)

Immediate takeaways (don't know if I want to watch a 2nd time:

- I'm wondering what the director was thinking, "Don't show any emotion, no matter what."
- Was the princess' name Sailor Moon? The narrator seems to think so.
- They did have the designs of several of the 7 Great Youma from season 1, though the 'You can't kill the baddies' in American cartoons of the time is still in play.
- The 'tap him on the shoulder and slug him' gave me a chuckle.
- "To the vortex, and beyond oblivion!" totally ripped off by Toy Story.
- Tuxedo Kamen was even less of a character here. Practically a 'Sir Not Appearing in this Film.
- Was the attack on Jupiter in real time, or a memory? They went from fighting to class in a dissolve.

Finding Saban Moon: The Western World of Sailor Moon (part 2) The story of its discovery, though I haven't watched it, as the video is 2+ hours long, and I just found out about this a half-hour ago.


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