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I just have a quick clarifying question for the division rules. My only major award is a Best Novice from 2018, and I've been competing as Intermediate/Journeyman since. I usually stick to competing around Louisiana/Texas as that's closer to home, but since I'm making Ota this year, I was looking into signing up at the con for the Hall Contest. The rules state beginners are 0-3 major craftsmanship awards and intermediates 4-6. Since I've been entering Intermediate/Journeyman when I do compete over the last few years, I don't want to compete as a Beginner/Novice. Is this a rule that is strictly adhered to or would I still be judged as Intermediate if I compete? (This will help me with next year's Ota, as well - I know I'd like to return next year if I enjoy this year's, and I'll know sooner if I can compete next year, as well!)

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I'm SO sorry it took me this long to get back to you!  I hope you were able to compete in our Contest this past year!  Either way, I hope to see you participate this year!!  Registration opens at midnight on July 1, and it fills up fast!!  So keep your eye out for more info in the coming months!  

As far as your division question.  If you have been competing at the journeyman level, and feel you are comfortable competing at that level, then by all means, please apply for that level!  Our judges love to see that kind of initiative!  

Hope that answers your question.....even if it is WAY too late!  

-Mike Gee

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