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Just got my badges today!

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It's funny, because not an hour ago I was just telling someone how they should be going out soon.

It's interesting how they don't have any mascots on this year's badge - just thematic and location appropriate imagery. Also interesting is that's a hole for the lanyard this year, not a slot. (Though this does allow me to put it on my Otakon Influencer lanyard I got when I ordered some stuff during the Otakon sale in...November? December?


Edit: For some reason, the activation page doesn't want to recognize my badge numbers. I guess I'll try again in a couple of days and see what happens.

Either way, Otakon here I come!

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I like the lenticular badges but I miss the old mascots and the good 'ol days where you could pick your badge design from a variety of anime and game titles. 

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