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Places To Get Covid Masks

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I know covid masks aren't necessary (though Otakon recommends them), but since many places don't sell masks anymore, thought I'd list some places that usually have masks.  I'm sure you all will bring your own masks, but just in case the elastic breaks or it gets lost, or something:

Hotel front desks sometimes gives out masks for free to their guests.

Metro information booths usually have them for free -- just ask the person in the booth for a mask.

Union Station gift shops usually sells masks.

Walgreens at Union Station -- I'm not sure if they still sell masks.

WEWCC -- I'm not sure if they still have the vending machine that sells masks -- located near one of Hall C's escalators.

Libraries -- usually have free masks (I'm not sure if there are libraries near WEWCC).


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Thanks!  I forgot about CVS.  Though I didn't know there was one across from WEWCC.  I just go from the metro to the entrance(s) of WEWCC, so am really unfamiliar with that area.

The Giants and Safeways around where I am don't sell covid masks anymore.  Hopefully, the ones near WEWCC do.


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