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What would the date move of Anime-NYC means to Otakon's future?

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Hi All!


        Just got back from Anime-NYC. So far, it's ok. But this news caught my attention:


Anime NYC Moves to August in 2024 With Expanded Javits Presence - News - Anime News Network


      With this change of date, this places Otakon right between two major industry anime cons, now.  With these conventions barely a month apart now, I'm afraid that Otakon is going to be squeezed out of existence.


Just to put things into perspective:

Anime Expo:  July 4-7, 2024

Otakon:   August 2-4, 2024

Anime-NYC:  August 23-25, 2024  






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1 hour ago, Clutch said:

Isn't Otakon the original one for the East Coast? Where do the attendance numbers land for those other conventions compared to Otakon?

Let's use the attendance numbers for 2022 as a reference:


Anime Expo 2022: Over 100,000

Otakon 2022: Over 40,000

Anime-NYC 2022: 55,000


Anime-NYC is the newest convention (started in 2017), and it took off like a rocket compared to Anime Expo and Otakon in their years of existence. If it wasn't for the COVID-19 pandemic interruption, it would have been probable that Anime-NYC attendance numbers would have caught up, or at least closed in on Anime Expo's numbers by now. They already surpassed Otakon numbers as you can see.

According to the article, it looks like they're going to take the entire Javis Center and maybe other venues around the Hudson Yards and Times Square area next year. We just had New York Comic Con last month in the same venue and their attendance numbers were over 200,000.

On second thought, having Anime-NYC catch up to both Anime Expo and New York Comic Con will be a real feat since those 2 cons are a 4-day event while they're only a 3-day event. Otakon tried to be a 4-day event once way back in 1995 and it almost killed them.





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It might affect attendance for Otakon and/or AnimeNYC if planning for two conventions in the same month.  If both required a hotel, I would have to pick either Otakon or NYC.  At least I only need a hotel for one convention.  Still, Otakon has been my alternate to NY/NJ conventions since 2015 so I'll likely continue to go to otakon until Real life finally catches up to me. 

I did notice that while 3-day and Saturday tickets sold out quickly for 2023, Friday/Sunday waited until maybe the last week or two weeks to sell out.  200K might be an estimated challenge for AnimeNYC, but 100K may be possible.

And if the mention that other venues around or near the convention being used is true, any special events/concerts that fill up quickly/sell out in less than an hour, more would be able to get tickets for those events.

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