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Otakon 2024 Guest Suggestions

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Time for a new thread!

I'll start.

Last year, I suggested some combination of Eungyoung Choi with Naoko Yamada, Masaaki Yuasa, and Ushio Kensuke as a "Science Saru" package, and Shouta Umehara and Keisuke Shinohara as a "CloverWorks" – but more specifically Umehara since he's the one with all the contacts – package. I felt these would not only be interesting guests, but would possibly open the door to more guests in the future. This year, I'm repeating that recommendation.

As I noted in a followup, Naoko Yamada is directing a new movie called Kimi no Iro. It was originally scheduled to come out last Fall, but as I said at the time, that was frankly never realistic (I…have even more questions). It's now slated for some time in 2024. If I had to guess, that'd put it in early summer at the earliest. If so, that makes Otakon a good candidate for a screening. Additionally, Ushio Kensuke can add the moderately popular Tengoku Daimakyou to his already impressive CV.

Shouta Umehara and Keisuke Shinohara remain good candidates, though on second thought, Shinohara probably isn't the guy to bring. UmeP and Shinohara were never really close afaik. On the other hand, there's Keiichirou Saitou, who directed Bocchi the Rock last year and is currently directing Sousou no Frieren: both fairly popular shows. Frieren is set to wrap up by this Spring, and I don't think he's scheduled to go straight into something else, so I suspect scheduling won't be an issue. Umehara isn't involved with Frieren even though a lot of the artists involved are or were in Umehara's orbit, so a Frieren focused slate would exclude him. Producer Takashi Nakame, composer Evan Call, concept artist Seiko Yoshioka, and character designer and chief animation director Reiko Nagasawa would probably be the ones to aim for. I personally find his work mostly kitsch, but I imagine Evan Call in particular would be a pretty big get as the composer of Violet Evergarden and this season's Sengoku Youko as well – plus he'd only be flying from California instead of Japan.

Ah, and if Jim Vowles is reading this, I'm curious: to the extent that the suggestions thread is useful, at what point in the year does it tend to stop being useful?

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Oh, nice, there's a thread in a completely separate Otakon Guests subforum that I completely neglected to notice even though it's right there on the recent topics bar 🙃

Any passing mod should either hide or merge this thread. If you merge, please just sheer off the top two lines and nuke this post. My apologies for double posting.

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Please PLEASE some more mangaka representation. 

Kamome Shirahama - Author of Witch Hat Atelier, announced she was going to the Toronto Comic Art Festival this May, so she seems open to going to cons!! PLEASE ask. 

Makoto Yukimura - Vinland Saga author, went to Comic con last year and a bunch of Canadian cons. PLEASE ASK. 

Makoto Ojiro - Author of Insomniacs Afterschool, not sure if she would come but you could ask!!!

Akiko Higashimura - Author of Princess Jellyfish and plenty of other wonderful manga! 

Shuzo Oshimi - Author of Blood on the Tracks and many other fantastic horror-esq series!

Raiku Makoto - Author of Zatch Bell & continuing series Zatch Bell 2!

Moue Takamasa - Author of Akane Banashi!

Takatsu Makoto - Author of Season of Alabaster!

Kuze Ran - Author of Medaka Kuroiwa Is Impervious to My Charms! 

Miki Bukimi - author of SHY!



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