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What animes have made you cry?

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Grave of the Fireflies - I know a few have mentioned this already, but it is an amazing movie, but you can't be a human being if you don't get a lump in your throat. But a must see if you haven't already.

Fullmetal Alchemist- Huges funeral, need I say more?

Trigun - Wolfwood's death.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080, War in the Pocket - When very young Al realizes the cost of war and starts crying hysterically in front of his classmates.

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All I have to say is:

If you are a girl, and you set your girlfriend up with a guy you like, and things work out for them... don't expect me to cry because you engineered your own misery. So no tissues were used during KGNE or Saikano.

But damn, that episode five of Air (TV) was a tearjerker, even with the fansub tissue warning up front.

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8) Ok, I'll reveal what anime moments made me all teary eyed cause it was just too heart wrenching, I've found they just love to do that in anime at times, thus my moments of excess emotions are as follows -

Fushigi Yuugi - Nuriko, need I say more?

Ayashi No Ceres - Moments towards the end of this series were almost painful to watch.

Trigun - Wolfwood, I know I needn't say more about that

Full Metal Alchemist - Episode 25 affected me so much I still haven't watched the 2nd 1/2 of that series, how could they do that?

Magic Knights Rayearth - The end of the last episode when the truth about Emeraude is revealed, it's just 'wow'.

Cowboy Bebop - The last moments when 'Blue' plays

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Haibane Renmei

Astro Boy whenever he "gives" too much of himself.

Of course, Cowboy Bebop at the end and a few select places during the series.

Golden Boy (at obvious parts during his "adventures")

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Metropolis made me cry a bit, because of the story of a young boy trying to protect something and someone special to him,

Trigun, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, I love Milli and Nicholas to death and then, it just happened, man it was soo sad

also Ah Megamisama or Oh My Goddess the movie, it was pretty sad when belldandy lost her memory

As well as Cowboy Bebop, the one episode where they all die from that wild living bacteria from the lobster, and the one, where everyone parts from one another and spike looks like he dies

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As I went through this thread it made it clear that I'm a big cuddly teddy bear that cries a lot. >.<;; What can I say..I'm a sucker for romance for the most part...*sigh*...

I wont actually cry unless I'm alone, though. A guy thing I guess? If other people are there the most that will happen is my eyes tearing up and laughing at someone else for crying. The quickest way to get my mind off crying?....

Here's my list as of now...

-Fullmetal Alchemist (a lot of episodes got me)

-InuYasha (sucker for romance...)

-Chobits (Chii is just too adorable!)

-.hack//SIGN (even when I had no idea wtf was going on it made me tear)

-Cowboy Bebop

-Wolf's Rain


-Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe/Tenchi In Tokyo (another romance thing...Ryoko was my favorite, personally)

-Howl's Moving Castle (that ending???)

-FLCL (how could you not?!?! just thinking of it makes me tear up...it was so adorable..."I love you....")

-Gundam Wing (By far my favorite of any Gundam I've seen. Then again I've only seen most of what they showed on Cartoon Network...)

lately I've been a lot more into manga...so here's some more...

-Love Hina (the idea of such a nerd still finding love and having all that love going around and UGH! Love<3)

-Rurouni Kenshin

-Samurai Deeper Kyo


-Battle Angel Alita (and Last Order)

Yep....a big crybaby. So what? I think guys should be able to cry loudly and proudly. If I ever cried in public the only reaction I would get is "stfu ----!" (edit: LOL nice! I love this forum to death)


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I am still amazed to this day how I cry more at Japanese Anime than American films. I don't remember crying at all when Titanic came out but I'm reaching for the tissues with the below:

I bawled my eyes out during the Sailor Stars season of Sailor Moon. I thought there was a lot of maturity in that last season. I loved Mamoru and Usagi together and they did deserve to end up together, but then Seiya came a long and I couldn't help but think Usagi was missing out on something really special.

I teared up during Wolf's Rain too. I still haven't seen it all the way to the end but I have a feeling I'll be shedding some when I do.

And there is something about Miyazaki films. Even when they aren't super sad I'm crying. The stories are always really touching.

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never really cried(like bawled in tears) but close instances, that shocked me and made me think for a while.

End of Evangelion(the asuka re-awakening scene was the closest)

gunbuster(the sacrifice of 12000 years)

wolf's rain(the rather graphic end)

paradise kiss(wow that one caught me by surprise)

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The ending of the last Kenshin OVAs

I'll have to echo that one myself. I'm glad I watched them alone because I was near sobbing into my hankie. *blush*

I was literally bawling at the end of those, and for a long time, too!

Other anime that made me cry: Fruits Basket, Marmalade Boy, Dog Of Flanders, Sugar, Full Moon O Sagashite, Nurse Angel Ririka, and of course, Grave of the Fireflies - I was sobbing about two minutes into that movie

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Well, what really got me was in fma, fullmetal alchemist, was the whole kisa thing. Or was it the edward dieing thing? And naruto. Prolly when Zabuza and Haku died together. So.. gay couples die together. I can't help my emotions for anime... And cats

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I think I was only on the verge on tears in the middle of the Marmalade Boy series, or was it the finale of Nurse Angel Ririka? Maybe it was during the credits of the original Oh! My Goddess OAVs, or the last episodes of KEY: the Metal Idol. I don't remember.

Unfortunately, many of the shows I've seen just have "feel good moments" (ie, "events coming full circle" ala Nadesico TV) rather than a chain of events that tear at your heart-strings.

I probably need to watch the more recent titles for stories that (1.) immediately suck me in, or (2.) capture my attention the whole way through.

So far, I've found there is no substitute for a good detailed novel/fanfiction, such as the drawn out Sailor Nothing by Gagne, rPm's unfinished the Pursuit of Happiness, and David A. Tatum's Tylor's Fury "indefinetly suspended" work.

Or watching raw human expression in a well-acted live-action. (GTO Live-action TV actually made me laugh crying as well as cry laughing)


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End of Evangelion: crying is pretty much required.

Other than that, the only anime I've cried while watching is during Four's "first death" in Z Gundam. I'm glad she didn't die twice in A New Translation.

I also welled up a bit while watching Ideon, during Be Invoked.

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That reminds me. One spring afternoon, I recall a showing of EVANGELION: Death/Rebirth, Samurai X (Kenshin OAV1), ending with Grave of the Fireflies.

It was pure coincidence, I swear!


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I must be the weirdest person, but hey, at least i'll admit it. i have cried at every anime I have watched and that includes:

Trigun- Vash not wanting people to die and Rem dying :cry:

Naruto- Naruto and Gaara being all alone and hated

One Piece- Ussop left the crew

Excel Saga- okay, well maybe i didn't cry in this one

.hack//sign- Poor Tsukasa. He's so confused

Bleach- nope, I don't think I cried yet, but I WILL! Trust me

.hack//roots- When Shino got Data Drained

Those are all I can remember. So, remember I am sensitive.

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bah why is it that nobody mentions any anime that is sad that doesn't involve death of a main character in it? Like Figure 17, that was a real tear jerker

Omoide Poro Poro

Studio Ghibli film about a girl who isn't happy with her life, goes back to where she spent her 5th grade summer, and sees things in a new way.

Nobody dies.

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I didn't cry ever in FMA... not even when Hughes died... probably because someone had told me that Riza and Roy also die in that episode.

I don't think I've ever actually cried in an actual anime. I cried reading Megatokyo a few times, and I cried once or twice watching Avatar, and I cried the first time I saw Rent on Broadway, during the song "One Song Glory"... but I don't think ever during an anime.

Edit: I did cry during an anime actually... at the end of the first season of Magic Knight Rayerth... Don't know how I forgot that.

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