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First of all, please check out the the following places to see if your question has already been answered there before posting your inquiry.

1. Most of the time, you can find the answer right on our site. OFFICIAL OTAKON FAQ

2. The Otakon BBS'S Frequently asked Questions Forum: /index.php?showforum=66">http://board.otakon.com/index.php?showforum=66

3. Use the search feature on the forum to browse though the forum.

4. Be sure to check through the titles of other posts in the Q and A before posting your own. You never know, your question might have been answered earlier up the road. :lol:

If you do not find your answer on the BBS or the FAQ on the Main Site...

Please make sure the subject of your topic clearly states what your question is and what you want answered. Hopefully this will prevent someone with the same question posting another topic, and having people having to repeat answers.

Examples of possible subjects can be along....

"When do I pick up pre-reg?"

"How far is the Days Inn from The BCC?"

"When do I get Registration confirmation?"

"Is my weapon safe for the convention?"

- Leave personal opinions out of answers please. We want everyone to have accurate answers to their questions and adding personal opinions to answers just adds confusion and unnecessary chatter in a Q and A thread.

So on and so forth. Hopefully this will help us all out with answering your important Otakon questions. :)

Important note: If you do not know the exact answer to something, please try not to answer the question. We (the BBS Staff) really appreciate that you all try to help us, and each other with trying to answer some questions, but if you don't know the answer and just take a guess at it, it does cause some confusion for people. It is better to wait for someone who DOES know the answer then to answer the question at hand that you don't really know the answer to.

Also, please try not to answer questions directed specifically towards Otakon Staff. As stated above, we appreciate your help, but there are times where an official voice is needed to answer the questions that are being asked.

Thank you. :)

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A couple additional things:

1. Please stick to answering the question asked and not take it off topic with chatter. Posts will be locked when a Administrator or Moderator sees that the question has been answered by the proper channels, requested to be locked by the original poster, or answered with the answers that need to be given.

2. Please bear in mind that some answers will be "when we are ready to announce it" will be handed out by staff sometimes because we are working the kinks out of rules, guest negotiations, and policies. Rest assure that when we go have those kinks worked out, we will let you know. :blush:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.