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Well, since the actual schedules aren't up, except for the concert...Here's my best guess to an answer. The saturday concert starts at 4 lasting approximately 2 hrs. Assuming it doesn't start late for some reason. Plus 3/4 mile walk back to the BCC/First Mariner Arena (say 20 minutes). I'm thinking last year the Masquerade started at 8? I think fashion show participants had to check into the area sometime btween 6-7? My memory is horrible.

I'm assuming you probably wouldn't go to the concert in costume. Or maybe you would. But if you had to change for the fashion show, you'd be cutting it really close. You may have to leave the concert early if anything. Or not go depending on the actual times required for lining up for the fashion show. Is it possible for you to make the friday concert? Then you wouldn't have to worry about trying to hurry back on saturday.

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I haven't heard of anyone getting a confirmation since putting in an application. I think the last few years, it did take a couple days before I got a confirmation that my application was accepted. I'm sure cosplay staff has a lot of apps and other things they go through, as well as their normal jobs and life. Hope that helps.

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The concerts will be in the Rams Head Live which is a club.

Thanks for the info gamergirlx ^.^

I plan on trying to make it to both concerts (J-rock fan), but I'll skip saturday's if I must.

Thankfully, Filth shouldn't be very difficult to get into if I do have to change quick.

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