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Question (for next year) about awards and rankings

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I'm thinking of participating in the masquerade next year. I've only participated in hall contests so far, but in them I've earned the rank of Journeyman. Would that mean I'd be a journeyman in the masquerade too? I might be half-decent in making costumes, but I know I'm a novice in performing. I'd hate to have to compete against these pro performers because I can make a couple shiny costumes.

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Under 2006 rules, you would still be considered a Journeyman. Any major cosplay award (excluding judges' awards and honorable mentions) applied towards the count that determines your division classification.

We do have to consider costume contests in this respect as well because it does help you towards your Masquerade skits. It might not do much for the performance side of things, but that experience alone puts you ahead of many of the novice performers, especially the ones just starting out.

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