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  2. Your first Otakon

    The other day, I was going through a couple boxes of detritus and I found an Otakon 2004 postcard. I don't recall it having any link to my decision to go for a day.
  3. Archived concerts?

    Way back when, I want to say 2008, Otakon had a block of concerts from Otakons gone by on the video schedule. Is that the sort of thing that could ever come back?
  4. Your first Otakon

    WOW. Ravan has the flyer that informed me to the con as well. I was at a con in Long Island called I-CON which was held at Stony Brook University. It was my very first con. The con was a Fantasy/Sci-Fi con, which had some anime elements to it. That is when I met some of my present friends. I remember having that flier right by my Amiga computer (and looking at the flyer, I realized Otakon started on my birthday). My mom asked why I looked bored. I show her this flyer, and announce I'm going to THIS CON! I was going to take the trip alone, but my mom, oldest brother and my nephew decided to tag along with me. When we were already in Pennsylvania, I realized that I left the flyer by my computer, so I had to rely on how good my memory was to get there. I remember when we got there (I had to check and see if we arrived at the right Day's Inn hotel), I was greeted with some life-sized cut-outs of Bean Bandit, Lum, Female Ranma, and I think Priss from Bubblegum Crisis. I stuck around for a bit, but everyone else just wanted to get some sleep. I wanted to get a room, but there was there was none at the inn, so I had to leave to stay overnight somewhere else. I arrived the very next morning when I finally got the chance to go to the Dealer's Room (more like closet). There I met some of the familiar people that I known from online and from the other con. I think I was hooked ever since.
  5. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    This is going to be my 3rd time. I did the regular tier ($75) on my second try since I didn't have the money for the VIP at the time (it was sold out once I had the funds). There was a band called Anamanaguchi sharing the stage that year. Anyway, I made sure that I was on line early that day. I manage to get to within 25 feet from the stage and I thought I had a nice view. Until people who were taller than me manage to go more up front to block most of the view.
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  7. Your first Otakon

    This year will be my first Otakon, although I did work E3 when I was in LA. Should be interesting. I keep waiting for Matt Walls to look at me and say in an Illidan-voice "You are not prepared".
  8. Your first Otakon

    YES ANOTHER My-HIME series fan! Great choice! Yeah the music is second to none, though I also enjoy the music in Shakugan no Shana, but I digress. Kajiura Yuki is a goddess when it comes to composing music! Her girl band Kalafina is great too! See them in concert if you can! I saw them in 2009 at Anime Boston and in 2014 I think ? at Anime Central!....
  9. Your first Otakon

    I sort of got thrown into the world of anime, cons & cosplay all at once. My first Otakon was 2002, however I wasn't really into anime so much at the time. Back then I never really cared for DBZ, and as it was one of the only "mainstream" animes to hit the US at the time, I never really looked into much other stuff. I do remember watching some Tenchi though. I was more into gaming and my hook into it all was Final Fantasy. My best friend at the time was interested in going to Ota, so I looked into it and thought it sounded cool. So instead of easing into it all I jumped head first. Not only did we cosplay FF7 characters at our first con (I did Cid Highwind), BUT I also became a gofer (TCG no less) my first year. I was immediately hooked. I joined staff the next year and haven't looked back. Of course I was big into the Naturo & Bleach phases (cosplaying Gaara & Ishida respectively), also loved me some Hellsing (did a ghoul costume) and Full Metal Panic. Though my fav series of all time is still My-HiME & My-Otome (the music & characters.. no other has resonated internally like they did) . After those, my interest in anime started to fade. But I still appreciate it, and have found a few series that I enjoyed since (most recent being Kill la Kill). Now that I'm a bit older, I am just happy to help put on an event that the next generation can enjoy (though I'm not quite done cosplaying yet).
  10. The Otakon Vegas 2018 Programming Schedule is now available!
  11. Your first Otakon

    I really started watching anime when I was in fourth or fifth grade (about 1998/1999). I was watching Power Rangers and such on Fox Kids when Digimon first aired. I had seen episodes of older anime before. Over the years I'd find VHS tapes of Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and DBZ at local thrift shops but Digimon was the first anime series that really got me going. Of course I was hooked on the shows that came on Toonami and Adult Swim over the years but wanted more so I used some 3rd party sites to watch some older stuff. Then, in 2011, my friends and I decided we wanted to go to an anime convention. We looked around for ones that weren't too far away and came up with Otakon. We thought there'd only be about 10k people there for some reason (which is still a big convention) but were completely shocked by how big it was! It was our first time traveling to a huge city by ourselves (we're from a small town, country area) and the first time we'd been to a huge convention center and around so many people. We had no idea how huge anime was until that point. It was like our own wonderland and we were so excited! We've been to every Otakon since as well as a few local cons that have recently sprung up where we live. Otakon also introduced me to anime sites like Crunchyroll where I could watch the latest stuff and just gorge myself in anime. We could honestly skip Otakon and go to multiple other, more local cons that seem to be growing rapidly, but Otakon was our first experience and we gladly travel 6+ hours out of our way every year to attend.
  12. Arcades thread the third

    You should get a Project Diva Future Tone machine! They're available for straight out purchase now apparently.
  13. Your first Otakon

    My first Otakon was in 2009, though I had been a fan since 2000 starting with Sailor Moon, THOUGH... I had been watching Pokémon since 1997 or so with my brother early AF on Saturday mornings. It was my second ever anime convention (first being Anime Boston 2009, only some months earlier). This year is gonna mark my 10th year anniversary at both AB and Otakon. I'm excited! See some of you at either or both!
  14. Otakon Vegas 2017 Welcomes Roxanne Modafferi!
  15. Your first Otakon

    I had gotten back from Boy Scouts summer camp the day before and went down for the Sunday in 2004. I'm a local, so it wasn't a huge deal for 15-year-old me. I took a spin through the dealer's room and, I don't know, a panel maybe. It's been so long. But I came back again, and a couple years later, I started going to other cons.
  16. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    Yeah that's what I realized as well... Back in 2014 there were more perks, but oh well. Also, you're in for a treat. It's such a cool thing to see.
  17. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    This is gonna be my first time seeing Miku in concert. I just rolled with general admission, though. $105 more just for some merch and getting in early wasnt worth it to me.
  18. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    I really wanted a VIP ticket for a change, but they sold out too quick/before I was ready to pay for it... so I got the one right below (the $75 one). I'm just happy I have a ticket... The last time I saw Miku and friends was back in 2014.. this is gonna be great.
  19. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    Which one, if you do mind me asking? I bought the VIP package. I want to get as close to the stage as possible next time.
  20. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    I got my ticket. Woop woop! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    Got mine for New York.
  22. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    Got my ticket for the DC concert!
  23. Otakon Vegas 2017 Welcomes Katsuhiro Takei and Kiyotaka Waki!!
  24. Hi all! http://mikuexpo.com/usamx2018/ The Anthem Washington DC July 12, 2018 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY July 14, 2018 Tickets are already on sale for NY at least.
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  26. Arcades thread the third

    In case you guys haven't been following it on Facebook, here's some shots of the new combined GamePlay/Marley Bounce Party: The new location is on the lower level next to Macy's and Gold's Gym. Here's a map if you need it:
  27. Otakon Vegas 2017 Welcomes Erica Lindbeck!
  28. Northern Entrance

    All good! It's my longest annual pilgrimage! BOT - there are also logistical reasons why that entrance wouldn't work. From a security aspect, can you imaging having a bag check line right at the Metro entrance? That would certainly be a debacle. And for the idea of allowing someone to come in there and funnel them down toward the main bag check line, that removes too much usable space in my personal opinion.
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