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  2. That tweet means nothing we didn't already know. It just means the deal closed.
  3. Hotels

    So I went to talk to the staff working on hotels, but their dog wouldn't let me ask anything: In all seriousness, yes we will absolutely announce the opening of hotels before we actually open them. It should be on our website, here, and on all the social media (facebook, twitter, etc).
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  5. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    The faerie makes a guest request...animation director & character designer Mai Toda.
  6. Hotels

    It’s definitely this for me I’m so used to the staff either at the con or on boards say two weeks after saying the block is open and I can go in, book it and be done with it.
  7. Hotels

    Like I said before, Otakon gave us a 10 day notice when the hotel block opened. I know about not letting you plan that far ahead for a vacation. I had a supervisor who wouldn'd even give those day just for spite.
  8. Hotels

    I understand the feeling. But last year, Otakon gave us a 10 day notice when the room blocks was going to open up, so I'm hoping they will give us a "head's up" like that the next time.
  9. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    A potential great guest has been lost to everyone with Hiromi Tsuru's unexpected passing.
  10. Hotels

    I think it's less about the date than it is about the habit. I know at least for myself, I'm used to the blocks opening up at a certain time. I go in, I book my room, task complete. But having this unusually long wait creates a bit of anxiety for me because of the broken habit, because I'm easily sidetracked. "What if I let it slip my mind and I miss the block opening? Better make sure I check every couple days at minimum to make sure I don't miss anything!" Checking in becomes like a obsession rather than a task. And yeah, I trust Staff to give us enough heads up that people who choose to be will be ready, but that's kind of not the point. The point is, people aren't freaking out about the delay in booking so much as the break in a 10+ year pattern has just thrown people for a loop. It's literally the situation with the ants from A Bug's Life. And that's why we rely on Staff to get us around the leaf.
  11. Hotels

    Same with me in a way since it’s my first time at otakon since the move to Washington DC, I feel if I stop checking or inquiring about it I’ll miss the announcement then get stuck with a hotel that’s far away and since I don’t know the area that well unlike when we were in Baltimore, it would be nice to have a general timeframe to check back for the announcement. Also daniel some workplaces don’t do time off a year in a advance. I know mine doesn’t anyways. and I see reservations outside the block as a backup plan in case you don’t get the hotel you want.
  12. Hotels

    For me at least, it's paranoia that I'll walk away for a few days and miss the announcement since it really has sounded like it could be any day now. I haven't posted much but I do check back at least once a day, because my group is depending on me to get a hotel room, and if I somehow miss it, none of us get to go. If we could get a secure date, like "we won't make an announcement during the holidays, so check back in January", that would be a massive relief.
  13. Hotels

    I really wish that people would just let Otakon do it's work without having to deal with impatient attendees. Jees, you already have the most important info which is the date of the con. You can already set your calendar and inform your workplace when to take those days off, so there's no excuse! Also, for people who manage to reserve rooms before hand only to drop it after the hotel announcements, you're not doing Otakon any favors.
  14. Help Chris Ayres fight COPD

    https://www.youcaring.com/christopherayres-1010986 They've raised nearly $20,000 so far. He's going to need to spend the next few months in the hospital, and will need a double lung transplant.
  15. Hotels

    Well part of the problem is that we are also dealing with groups that are external to us. So while we think we are close, if the folks on the other side are taking their time, need to go through a supervisor, go on vacation, or if they come back with a proposed change; we now have to deal with an updated timeline, as we have to look and decide if we agree to the change, make a counter-proposal, etc. Believe me, it's probably more frustrating to us than it is to you as we have been back and forth internally on this process a number of times now.
  16. Hotels

    See is they’ve been saying close to. Announcing it since mid September with a couple weeks ago saying 90 percent there. That means they were very close to being a done deal and I don’t think it would be this hard to get a contract done by now and it being done a year was making sense because you didn’t have to check the site every day just for the announcement
  17. Hotels

  18. Hotels

    Yeah, in all honesty, I wouldn't mind the hotel block opening being pushed back till badges start being sold. Always found it a bit odd that we're booking hotels a year in advance.
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  20. Hotels

    Also think about how unusual it has been for the past decade-plus where attendees are booking the hotel rooms months before badges sales even begin. We are just used to booking Otakon 12 months in advance out of habit, not because it makes any sense from a practical point of view. The same number of people are going to rush in and book a hotel day one whether day one is in August or in December.
  21. Hotels

    Otakon has to hammer out contracts, which are legal documents. Those take time, and money. The hotels have to assess whether Otakon attendees should get a discount, based on their experienced this year. We were in Baltimore a long time, and arranging the next year was easy. D.C. is still new. Give it time.
  22. Hotels

    I find it kinda surprising otakorp staffs are taking this long to get the block open compared to previous years myself don’t know if I said this anywhere else. Also don’t get why they don’t understand the frustration to con goers why it hasn’t been posted yet given the holidays are around the corner.
  23. Hotels

    Otakorp, if you aren't going to be able to do this, please just tell us so we can get rooms from somewhere else...
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