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  1. Saturday before Christmas, roads are packed with nut case Christmas shoppers. Biking is going to be suicidal... Dear god, if this is how my life ends, just make aniplex have the madoka movies in Knoxville on Jan 16th, just this once.

  2. SO, ohayocon is still a good bit away, but its time to open my room! This year I have the coveted Drury Inn! with free breakfast, lunch and DINNAARRRR, 3 free alcohol drinks and popcorn, ALL THE POPCORN! Also pool and hot tub and non-crowdedness..... Place yo interest!!! Janell Andrew Pepper

  3. ya'll are being anti-social, I'm going to bed

  4. Aniplex acquired sword art online... WHO THE HELL AM I GUNNA COSPLAY FROM IT NOW!!

  5. Just watched the first episode of Psyhco-pass. Its a Gen Urobuchi work. There was a bit of a disturbing scene in it and it is graphic, but it seems it may end up being one of those good animes.

  6. YAAAWN, I got so much work to do tomorrow, its not even funny. G'night

  7. ohooooooo, they just uped the villain factor by 400 percent in sao

  8. Alright, the rate for the drury for ohayocon shall be....... 134 a night with hotel tax at 16.75 percent which is state tax, hotel tax and some stupid ass ohio bed tax for three nights /6= 78 bucks for the weekend. Ya know my payment polices already :P Janell Andrew Pepper Amanda Jo seriously, i don't know what is with this group and the 70 ranges....

  9. Madoka movie opening ClariS "Luminous" single cd aquired. ya'll can't handle mah Madokas

  10. Mtn dew. It gets the drowsy out. Even if I don't drink it normally

  11. Its a amazing how one bitch cosplayer can poison an entire region group of cosplayers. Seriously, why do you all put up with that ---- and just sweep it under the rug rather then nip it in the bud. It's not like her bs drama is not obvious, so seriously, why do you all hide?

  12. Well someone had a tantrum at work and we have a new opening in the billing dept!

  13. Someone is selling a Mami daki on myfigurecollection.net for 100 bucks..allegedly sealed and new.... I am suspicious of that new and sealed claim .......

  14. Hello potato, its time for you to die by stabbing by tooth

  15. Seems paranormal activity 4 is coming out, any one in gville going tonight?

  16. Brace yourself jojo fans... Homesteaks have begun making jojostucks....

  17. Second psycho-pass episode. I am enjoying it. Also EGOIST is does then ending song :P

  18. Sao new episode! But I can't talk about the tears in this one till maridah sees it ;p

  19. The geese are flying south They are heading to invade the Florida ducks!

  20. Who just massively burn the top of his mouth with a hot potato..... this guy

  21. So...I'm in home depot, see HUGE foam boards for only 10-12 bucks a pop... Anyone happen to be going to ohayo or katsu from the south that has a pickup truck or a ball hitch for attaching a small trailer to transport what I'm building? ;p Charlotte was big....but this one I doubt will even fit in a car in separate pieces maybe more then one car? Even then I don't think the main part will fit...

  22. Iron man 3 trailer tomorrow......

  23. Will this Page represent a real celebrity or famous person? Yes No I'm putting yes ROFL

  24. "I used to be a Presidential candidate, then I took a bayonet in the knee." ba dum tsssssssssh!

  25. Hello mtn dew...we meet again Why I am drinking you I don't know , but you have the highest caffeine content, so...you lose your bubbly goodness first !

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